GMAP Today: What the Dickens!

It’s Friday again and I want to introduce a landmark among live bands in Tokyo. What the Dickens! Map. They have bands playing almost daily and it looks like a band called “DEAD FLOWER BAND OF CHILDREN” is playing tonight. Interesting name. Wonder what kind of music they play.

Dickens is spacious, covering two floors, although you wouldn’t know it by the entrance door. I think I am not the only person who misses the door and pushes against the wall instead. If the band doesn’t interest you, you can always sit with your friends upstairs.

If you are heading to Roppongi, Bar Quest will be celebrating its four-year anniversary. Bar Quest Map. Have a safe one!

One Response to “GMAP Today: What the Dickens!”

  1. esperanza says:

    DEAD FLOWER BAND OF CHILDREN is my favorite band.
    I mean to listen to live on Nov.17

  2. Steve says:

    Really? What kind of music do they play? Will they play at the Dickens?