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Beer Discounts!

Monday, September 8th, 2008

failte Beer Discounts!

It’s a long holiday weekend. Good excuse to head to a nearby pub. Irish Pub and Restaurant Failte (フォルチェ – using Japanese to help you pronounce Gaelic!) has a special discount for beer. A pint of Guinness/Kilkenny for 600yen or Heineken for 550yen! Please one coupon per person or one for a whole group. Send the coupon above to your phone (see bottom) and show it to the cashier. Offer good until mid-September.

So head on over to Shibuya to Failte, a cozy Irish pub near Mark City, and gulp down a cold one!

Location: Irish Pub and Restaurant Failte
COUPON: Click here!

Wanna hear more Irish Gaelic? Check out this site –

Flea Market at Yoyogi Park Event Area: Aug 30 (Sat)

Monday, August 25th, 2008

There a number of flea markets held at Yoyogi Park Event Area, which is across the street from Yoyogi Park. Here is a video of one earlier this month to show you what it’s like. I am sure the number of sellers change from time to time. It’s worth to stop by to see if you can find a bargain.

Location: Yoyogi Park Event Area
Date: August 30 (Sat)
Time: 10:00-16:00

Smooth Jazz Quartet at SIN – Aug 26

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

jazz08 Smooth Jazz Quartet at SIN    Aug 26

Jazz on a summer night with a glass of champagne or wine with special person(s). Doesn’t get any better than that.

Date: August 26 (Tuesday)
Place: SIN

ShinKali Academy – The ShinCOW-li Boogie at the Pink Cow

Friday, August 8th, 2008

ShinKali is a combination of Philippine and Japanese martial arts. Here is a demonstration by Eainu at the Pink Cow.



Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008


jido kaikan entrance 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan b1 big othelo shogi 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan b1 woodcraft 150x150 東京都児童会館
jido kaikan handcraft 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan papercraft 150x150 東京都児童会館


jido kaikan library 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan library foreign books 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan music instruments 150x150 東京都児童会館


jido kaikan baby room 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan kidsland1 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan kidsland2 150x150 東京都児童会館


jido kaikan cafeteria 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan entry 150x150 東京都児童会館




GMAP for the Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Hall

Paradise for children!

Pink Cow Events

Monday, July 14th, 2008

pink cow Pink Cow Events

Location:Pink Cow

*Tues., July 15th – Photo Night & Stitch-n-Bitch ” Zelda Horror Picture Show”

Zelda, art student from Paris, offers for one night her latest photographic work show.
Mostly working about medicine and surgery, she will presents in Tokyo a remake of “the frieze of life” from the painter Edward’s Munch, three series about the pleasure, the anguish and the cruelty of life.

Slide show from 9:30 No Charge!

Are you a closet knitter? A neophyte crocheter? Want to share ideas for yarns and patterns and learn new stuff? Have you seen people walking around in legwarmers this season and want to make a pair? Do you like to sew, but wonder if anyone else around you does, too? Then join us! For more info. Mail to Basically, we want to meet, eat, drink, and make stuff.
No charge! 6:30-9:30pm

*Wed., July 16th – Improv A Go-Go!
Usually every 3rd Wednesday
Love improv comedy? Love performing it even more? We’re providing a venue for anyone with a yen for non-scripted comedy can not only come to hang out and see some awesome comedy, but also the chance to come up on stage and perform with us whenever you feel like it! Took one class?
Been doing it for seven years? It’s all good, and more importantly its all good fun, so come on down to the Pink Cow to rock out with us, air-guitar style.

And we’re not just hosting improv comedy. The TCS Players will be on hand to perform sketch comedy.Two forms of comedy for the price of FREE.

Grab some food, jump on stage, and perform with some of Tokyo’s best comedians.

Those interested in performing improv with us can just show up and play.
However, it’d be even better if you emailed or We even have a mailing list. We’re powerful.

Free Improv and Sketch Comedy Night at the Pink Cow, brought to you by the Tokyo Comedy Store.

8pm – NO CHARGE!

*Thurs., July 17th – The Vegan Club
Vegan Club:
Calling all vegetarian friends (or non-vegetarians who like good food and meeting new people)! The Tokyo Vegan Meetup group is holding their monthly dinner once a month. To reserve, please go to:
Join us for a delicious and healthy meal and meet a diverse and lively group of food and animal lovers! If you are curious, vegan = no meat, no fish, no egg, no dairy. Dinner at 8PM – set menu \2650 (drinks are separate).

*Fri., July 18th – Middle Eastern Buffet Night As a variation of our super yummy weekly buffet, Chef Andy will be preparing our wonderful buffet featuring special middle eastern dishes including Raisin, Honey & Almond Couscous, Yougurt Navarin, Kebabs and Curried Lentils.

***Fri/Sat. Night amazing buffet as always. \2,500pp (+tax = \2,650pp.) 7-10pm. Great for Birthday parties or other special occations!

*Sun., July 20th – Short Film Screening, Artist Opening & FLO Union!
Multi-Media Lounge!
Way out short film cast and crew final screening.
This will be the last public screening held for The Way Out short film,that will include the full cast and crew. The way out was made by young talented filmmakers Director & writer Donnie Ray Odiales, Producer Austin Uchino and a team of graduate and non graduate filmmakers from Tokyo Film Centre School of Arts ,who love to make movies and want to show their creative talent to the rest of the world. The way out is a 40 min action/drama that was filmed in Japan and also has a cast of foreigners from different parts of the world.

Victor Robinson is a Hitman, raised in the underground streets of Tokyo. He has been living a unhappy, controlled life. One morning he gets an unexpected visit from social services, informing him that he has a child. He denies and ignores the situation at first, but later, after meeting with his boss Tony, he makes the choice to visit the orphanage for a DNA confirmation test. For the first time Victor sees Jamie, his child, and he feels a joy he has never felt before.

Now Victor would like to be a father, but killing, drugs, prostitutes, blood-money, gangsters don’t make for a safe place for a 3yr old.

Victor has to find THE WAY OUT of the business, to be with the one he truly loves and is loyal to, before it’s too late.

Please welcome July artist: Rob Nugen
Careful Colorful Chaos
In July, The Pink Cow will feature 15 pieces of art in the bar, created by Pink Cow’s newest artist: Rob Nugen! Each piece is colorfully freestyled, with as many interpretations as there are viewers of art. Nine small pieces will be available to highlight the walls of your room. The show will also feature 6 larger pieces, two of which are collaborations with Matt Muirhead!
All pieces will be for sale between 3,000 and 10,000 yen.

sneak preview of Rob’s art at

Flo Union media lounge, a chilled-out gathering of video artists, Vjs, Djs, animators, filmakers, live projection & performers.
To perform, present or just join our mailing list, then
Mail to:

From 8:30pm – NO CHARGE!

Tues., July 15th – Photo Night & Stitch-n-Bitch ” Zelda Horror Picture Show”

Zelda, art student from Paris, offers for one night her latest photographic work show.
Mostly working about medicine and surgery, she will presents in Tokyo a remake of “the frieze of life” from the painter Edward’s Munch, three series about the pleasure, the anguish and the cruelty of life.

Slide show from 9:30 No Charge!

JT Cafe – Smoker’s Paradise

Monday, November 26th, 2007

jt cafe JT Cafe   Smoker’s Paradise

Here is a good place in Shibuya to relax, have a drink and smoke. As more and more areas crack down on where you can smoke, here is one place that you can without offending others. There are drink machines and also a CD corner, so you can drink, smoke and listen to music.

Entry is free, but you must show identification that you are over 20 years old.
7 days a week.
Weekdays: 13:00〜20:00
JT Cafe Map

Only for Scientific Research

Monday, November 19th, 2007

For those who have been following the story about Japanese resuming large hunt of whales, including humpbacks, here is something to chew on. Did you know that there is a large whale restaurant right in the heart of Shibuya? While many restaurants serve whale meat, they are a bit discreet about it. But not this restaurant. It’s called Kujira-ya which translates to “whale shop.” Wonder what the prices are and if the meat come fresh from the lab. I wonder what they serve for dessert.

Jazz Vocalist Rie FURUSE performs at JZ-Brat

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

 mg 0122 Jazz Vocalist Rie FURUSE performs at JZ Brat

Vocalist Rie FURUSE will perform at JZ-Brat on THU 11/29.
Rie’s performance will emphasise her vocal expertise and also introduce backing vocals.

You will be dazzled by Jazz (Pop-Jazz/Standard-Jazz), Funk, Latin and popular music with beautiful vocal harmonies. And, of course, some of the top musicians in town including Philip Woo will support her performance.

Philip has toured and recorded with Patti Labelle, Roberta Flack, Kenny G, Cyndi Lauper, Gladys Knight & the Pips, The Four Tops,Whitney Houston and many more.

<><>Member Profile<><>

Vocals: Rie FURUSE – She’s been studying with the renowned vocalist, Diva Gray (a former member of Chic).
She has worked with the pianist Rafael Alcala (known for his work with Manhattan Transfer) and the famed lyricist Chris Mosdell (Sarah Brightman, Eric Clapton).
Rie had a successful tour in Hawaii earlier this year and she will have a tour in Hong Kong next year.
She is getting well established on the world stage.

Piano/Keybord: Philip Woo – He’s known for his work with such as Patti Labelle, Roberta Flack, Kenny G, Cyndi Lauper, Gladys Knight & the Pips, The Four Tops, Whitney Houston and many more.

Bkg Vocals; Sayuri & Kumico – Grand Prix for [Woman's A cappella Audition] presented by SONY Music Artists.
And they sang for a compilation CD “A cappella album” (Toshiba EMI).

Bass: Keith Williamson
Drums: Tomoo Tsuruya


Date : 11/29 Thu.
Venue : JZ-Brat (5mins. walk from Shibuya stn. South Exit. Cerulean
- URL :
- TEL : 03-5728-0168
- Access : [EG] [JP]

Shows : Doors Open 17:30
1st / Start 19:00 – 20:00
2nd / Start 20:30 – 21:30
Music Charge : 4,200 yen (The music charge covers both shows.)
Members : Rie FURUSE (vo) Philip Woo (p) Keith Williamson (b)
Tomoo Tsuruya (ds) Sayuri & Kumico (bkg vo)

*Reservation, inquiry : Bookings are made on a “First come, first served”, so please reserve soon to get a good seat!
JZ-Brat (TEL : 03-5728-0168)

*Rie’s Official Web-site





Vocals: 古瀬 里恵 (Rie FURUSE) – 今年の4月に自身のハワイツアーを行い、地元有力紙「Star Bulletin」他メディアで紹介される。
現在、シックのオリジナルメンバーDiva Grayに師事し、グローバルな活動をしている。

Piano/Keybord: フィリップ・ウー (Philip Woo) – ロバータ・フラック、シンディ・ローパー、ケニー・G、ホイットニー・ヒューストン、

Bkg Vocals; Sayuri & Kumico – SONY MUSIC ARTISTS主催の[Woman's A cappella Audition]で

Bass: キース・ウィリアムス (Keith Williamson)

Drums: 鶴谷 智生 (Tomoo Tsuruya)


Date : 11/29 (木)

Venue : JZ-Brat(渋谷駅南口より徒歩5分、東急セルリアンホテル内)

- URL :

- TEL : 03-5728-0168

- Access : [EG] [JP]

Shows : Open 17:30
1st / Start 19:00 – 20:00
2nd / Start 20:30 – 21:30

Music Charge : 4,200 yen(通し可)

Members : 古瀬 里恵 (vo) Philip Woo (p) Keith Williamson (b) Tomoo Tsuruya (ds) Sayuri & Kumico (bkg vo)

*ご予約、お問い合わせ : お席はご予約順の決定となります。お早めのご予約をお勧め致します。
JZ-Brat (TEL : 03-5728-0168)

*Rie’s Official Web-site

New Irish Pub in Shibuya

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

 New Irish Pub in Shibuya

An Irish pub, Failte, will open on October 19 (Friday) on the fifth floor of the new Shibuya SEDE Building. In fact, all the shops in the building will open on this day. The photo shows the front of the building, but it is quite large, taking up about half of the block. The building also features an Italian restaurant Tharros. This new building is very near the station, but a bit tricky to find, especially if you are not familiar with the area. Here is a map→Failte

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the word Failte is Gaelic for “Welcome” and is pronounced “FAHR-che.” It is “フォルチェ” in Japanese. Should be a busy night on opening day!