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Cinco de Mayo Festival 2013

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

yoyogi park event Cinco de Mayo Festival 2013

Cinco de Mayo Festival

There is a new major festival at Yoyogi Park Event Space. Cinco de Mayo Festival will be held on May 3-4. There will be various food and entertainment from all over the Americas! You don’t want to miss it!

Festivals at Yoyogi Park Event Area in May

Friday, May 20th, 2011

yoyogi park event Festivals at Yoyogi Park Event Area in May

Beautiful weather! Check out the events in May here.

May Schedule

Temples & Shrines

Monday, December 20th, 2010

kaminarimon 300x225 Temples & Shrines

In these tumultuous times, it might help to take a stroll to a nearby temple or shrine. Below is a list of some major ones.


Aoyama Baisouin Temple Walkway
Aoyama Zenko Temple
Azabusan Zempuku Temple
Chosen Temple
Daian Temple
Jiganin Temple
Kensou Temple
Sengakuji Temple
Sensoji Temple
Tofuku Temple
Zojo Temple


Asakusa Shrine
Atago Shrine
Hanazono Shrine
Hie Shrine
Meiji Shrine
Nezu Shrine
Togo Shrine
Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine

Running Season

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

joggingmap en Running Season

This is the marathon season. The most popular race is the Tokyo Marathon on February 28th. However, there are road races every week during this time. Another well-known race is the 44th Ome Marathon, a 30km race that will be held just a week before on February 21st. I will run in this race, which will be my third.

The course above near Tokyo Tower and Prince Hotels is a very nice one in the heart of central Tokyo. The lengths of a couple of courses are marked. I want to thank Prince Hotel for the map.
The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
Hotel Map

One of the most popular running routes is the Imperial Palace.

imperial palace Running Season
Here is a map for mobile, computer or smart phone
Imperial Palace

Below are some other good places to run in central Tokyo.
Yoyogi Park (About 2.5km once around the park)
Komazawa Park (Running course clearly marked along with the distance)

Enjoy your run!!

FAQ: Quick ways to find maps

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

The fastest and easiest way to find a map of a location is to type in the name in the search box. For example, type “Napule” and you will get a link to Pizzeria Trattoria Napule.

If you don’t know the name or are searching for a certain type of location, you can enter keywords in a fashion similar to how you do with search engines. For example, you can type “italian omotesando” and you will get a list of locations related to italy in Omotesando, such as Italian restaurants. Of course you can do the same from your mobile phone. Bookmark on your mobile phone for future searches.

Any places you want a GMAP? Please let us know at

Major Update to Go!TOKYO!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

menu e 225x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO!


apple logo3 Major Update to Go!TOKYO!

It has taken us over 8 months, but we have revamped and rebuilt our Go!TOKYO app! Among other things, we have added 16 train lines, maps of major stations, station search, first and last train timetables,  and much more! We now cover over 500 stations and we are far from finished! And of course, the app has been optimized for the iPad!

Besides the added content, we believe one of the most important changes has been to treat each station separately. Below are some images of our updated app.

20 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO! 4 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO! 7 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO! area map 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO! 1 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO! 15 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO! 18 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO! 16 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO! 8 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO! 6 200x300 Major Update to Go!TOKYO!

Tap on the red spots to see more info about that location. Please enjoy!

21 Major Update to Go!TOKYO!

InterFM’s Year-End Party (Dec 22)

Monday, November 1st, 2010

InterFM will hold its year-end party on December 22 at bierVana in Akasaka Mitsuke. It is open to the public. A great chance to meet and drink with the DJs! Should be a good crowd.

Date: December 22 (Wednesday)
Time: 19:00〜
Website: InterFM Website

Tennis Anyone?

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

tennis birthday party2 300x225 Tennis Anyone?

The weather is cold, but it won’t be long before things warm up and tennis is one of the most popular activities in town. Jinji Tennis Center offers tennis lessons in English for children and adults. It’s a great way to keep active in this busy town. Levels range from beginner to advanced. It is also great for visitors to Tokyo who want to keep their games sharp. Below are details.

Kids Classes
JINJI International Tennis Program for Kids
Location: Tokyo International School

Adult Classes
Jinji Tennis
Location: Hilton Hotel – 5th Floor

Jinji Website

Jinji also offers golf lessons. Details below.
Jinji Golf Circle

GMAP Site for iPhone

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

We realized that we needed a separate interface for iPhone users and not the PC GMAP site. For those with iPhones, please access our site from this page. You can do it by bookmarking this page.

It will take you to this page.

photo1 200x300 GMAP Site for iPhone

The map details are on another page.

photo3 200x300 GMAP Site for iPhone

The map page will look like this.

photo2 200x300 GMAP Site for iPhone

Actually this site has been available for some time. So enjoy!

May Events at the Pink Cow

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

One of my favorite restaurants, Pink Cow, will have many events in May. Check them out below.

Pink Cow Map

*The May Cow*

Sat., May 1st – Madcows Big Night Out! Stand Up Comedy et al., Big Launch party!
A venue such as the Pink Cow has been screaming for such a comedy night for years… here it is at last…

… on the first Saturday of every month – The Pink Cow opens at 5pm, Comedy show doors open 7pm, show time 8-11pm, stay until the last comic falls off of their bar stool!

5-7:30pm Comedy Show Happiness Hour – \500 drinks!

A monthly comedy night with magic, music, improv, juggling and whatever weird and wacky comedy-themed events you can think of…

Come for the comedy, stay for the atmosphere, meet new friends and party in this cozy cool comfortable space.

Great Pink Cow beers, burritos and other yummy food will be available to order at the bar so come early for dinner and the best seats! For menus, maps and more info check:

Email for any inquiries or if you have an act/5 minute stand-up request!

Come and bring your friends, and their friends and their friends and…

… see you there!

Incredibly cheap too: \1000 entry including a drink

Sun., May 2nd – JIN Japan Radio Live & Party
JIN Radio has been working hard to introduce many different Indies artists and music for the more than year and we are now ready to take the next step.
Thats why this May 2nd JIN Radio will be presenting Japan Indies Night. A FREE live music event featuring 4 artists introduced on JIN and
The event will be held at the popular restaurant-bar The Pink Cow in Shibuya where you can enjoy some great music in a very cozy and friendly atmosphere. (No cover charge but we do ask you to try some of the great food and drink available there)
So come spend some Golden Week time with MC DJ Aki and artists Mitsuki , SAWA , The KINLAY Band , KOZO of Milk and Water . It is going to be a great show!

12月の2008年から頑張っていろんなインディーズ音楽とアーティストはJIN Radioに紹介しました。おかげさまで次のステップやっときました!
その中で今までの番組とサイトに4組を紹介したアーティストはライブをやってくれます。イベント場所はとっても良い雰囲気を持つ人気レストラン・バーThe Pink Cow です
そしてこのライブは無料!ドアチャージとかはなし (でも店の美味しいごはんやドリンクはお勧めです)
なのでMC DJ Akiと出現するのアーティスト達みつき 、 SAWA 、KINLAY Band 、Milk and WaterのKOZO と一緒にゴールデンウィーク日曜日を過ごしましょう!楽しいライブになるでー
DJ Aki

From 7pm – No Entry Charge! “Great Pink Cow beers, burritos and other yummy food will be available to order at the bar so come early for dinner and the best seats! For maps and more info check

Tues. May 4th – Laws of Attraction Seminar followed by Cow Jam!
Live Your Dream Life Now!
Charles Alan Ross will be returning to Tokyo this May, and conducting his popular workshop, “Live Your Dream Life Now!” It’s an interactive workshop that explores how to use your current situation to propel yourself towards positive changes in your life. Learn techniques to achieve your dreams faster by shifting your paradigm. No matter where you find yourself, you can live the life that’s perfect for you!
Using a unique Law of Attraction framework, Charles Alan Ross, MA is the principal of Charles of Attraction, providing consulting services and coaching to businesses and individuals. Charles helps individuals achieve their personal goals, leading to an optimum and fulfilling life of their dreams. Charles is a regular speaker at professional and social organizations. Some of the most popular presentations include; “Dealing with Difficult People”, “Wow the Competition”, “How to Achieve Your Goals without Really Trying”, and “Live Your Dream Life Now”.
Charles holds degrees in psychology, sociology, gerontology and a Masters in social services from the University of Chicago. He has extensive experience working in the health care field where he’s created techniques to bridge physical and spirtual needs. Charles leads a health care training initiative for a Chicago concern. Since 2006, through this program he has helped over 150 people with little formal education, envision success beyond thier dreams and navigate through the College system and achieve degrees in nursing.
Charles enjoys all forms of the written word, whether he’s writing copy for health care brochures, screenwriting, or blogging at Charles has been quoted in the Chicago Tribune, Beverly Review, and appeared on Chicago’s AM850 and Milwaukee’s Fox 6 WakeUp News.
Charles applies the Law of Attraction to all aspects of his life, finding it a powerful accompaniment to personal and professional development. He enjoys the city of Chicago as a home base for travels and workshops worldwide. Charles regularly hosts workshop series in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Charles Alan Ross MA, 312.952.2045
Charless of Attraction

4,000 per person, includes dinner and one drink, RSVP required by May 1st

Cow Jam
Monthly gig & live jam session!

Come and hang with the herd!
Listen to those dulcet moos and rockin’ improvs from regularly appearing cowhands!
Randomly including:

Missing Scene
And Guests

If you wanna show us your moosical talents, email David at
to join in the shindig! If everyone brings 5-10 friends for dinner we will all have a good audience!
Limited time slots are available so sign up soon.

Regular & Guest acts are followed by a live jam at the end of the evening.
The JAM is on toast from 7pm, but come early for the fabulous Pink Cow grub and the best seats in the barn!
Rock’n'moo Tokyo!
from 7pm – No Charge!

Tues., May 5th – Cinco de Mayo Live & Poker and Games Night
Research reveals that the first observance of Cinco de Mayo in America was in fact in the state of California to celebrate the Mexican resistance to French rule. Though initially, the celebrations were restricted to California, today it is a regional holiday in Mexico. The celebrations are a feast for the eyes. The festivities include indulgence in traditional Mexican food, music, and dance. Since The Pink Cow is sort of California in the middle of Tokyo we thought we would do a couple of events to commemorate it:) This is the first one featuring yummy Mexican food specials & Live Latin Jazz.

From 7pm, No Entry Charge! Just come hungry!

Poker & Games
Tuesday night chill out with card games! Bring cards, games, chips and friends for good old fashioned fun! Beers & Burritos as always!

Often, but not always, live music as well.
From 7pm until far too late for our own good I am sure!

The Pink Cow opens at 5pm so come early for dinner and the best seats! Great Pink Cow food and drinks will be available to order at the bar:)
For maps, menus and more info please check

Thurs., May 6th – Tokyo Sports and Social Club
“Great place to meet new people
in friendly competition”

The Tokyo Sport and Social Club will be hosting a COED Team Poker Tournament. Make your team of 3 people (minimum of one male and one female on each team) and join us for this unique and fun event. The Tokyo Sport and Social Club organizes events such as floor hockey, dodgeball, kickball, scavenger hunts, ultimate Frisbee, billiards and many more. The TSSC is a great place to meet new people in friendly competition. Visit > for the latest on upcoming leagues or events.

Starts at 7pm so people can order dinner and drinks and get to know each other, games start 8pm. No entry charge, no fees, just for fun!

Fri., May 7th – Cow Jam Supplemental

Special Featured Guests!
Pink Cow House Jam Band!
if you want to join the jam email us at !

from 7pm – No Charge!

Sat., May 8th – Cinco de Mayo Big Dinner Bash!
Followed by Latin Dance Party:)
“Cinco de Mayo Fiesta” is back in Tokyo, at The Pink Cow, to give you a taste of Mexico! Its a celebration of Mexican Heritage and Pride, with food and music!
Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for “fifth of May”) The holiday commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862!
Cinco de Mayo is a holiday observed in the United States and other locations around the world as a celebration of Mexican heritage, pride, and culture! (Just like St. Patricks Day, Oktoberfest, and Chinese New Year are used to celebrate those of Irish, German, and Chinese ancestry.)

A most delicious Dinner Menu Buffet, prepared by Chef Andy, is sure to resurrect your taste buds!

The bar will stay open til the last Mexican falls off their bar stool to the sweet sounds of Mexican music!
Dinner Menu Buffet includes:
-Homemade Chili Beans
-Spanish Rice
-Fresh Pink Cow Salsa/ Guacamole
-Homemade Flour & Corn Tortilla Chips
-Savory Cheese Balls
-Beef & Chicken Tacos
-Fresh Green Salad
-Taco Salad
-Chili Cheese Quesadilla
-Spicy 4 Bean Salad
-Fried Bananas
-Fresh Fruit Platter
-Mixed Dessert
Are you hungry yet??
In case you get a little thirsty and hot under the collar, there will be…
Drink Specials for the Night!
Homemade Sangria
Tequila Shots
One Time Entry includes:
The Dinner Menu Buffet + 1Drink
From 7-10pm
NOTE: (Priority will be given to those who RSVP and purchase tickets in advance)
One Time Entry from 10pm until includes…
Late Bar + Dancing
\1,500 + 1Drink
Direct advanced ticket purchase and RSVP is highly advised!

Kindly RSVP to:

Paul J Carter (Pwilly) in association with The Pink Cow proudly presents…”A Cinco De Mayo Fiesta” a taste of Mexico, for everyone to enjoy!
Hasta Luego y Gracias!

Sun., May 9th – Pink Cow Art Blender
Please welcome featured artists: artaraqasia

Plus – Pink Cow Art Blender, a chilled-out gathering of video artists, Vjs, Djs, animators, filmakers, live music, artists, projection & performers. To perform, present, show work, enjoy and meet new people or have any new ideas just mail us at

Special Featured Guests!

From 6pm – NO CHARGE! Come early for dinner and the best seats! Great Pink Cow food will be available to order at the bar until 10:30pm, drinks til whenever!

Tues., May 11th – PCC Night & Poker
Pink Cow Connections (PCC)
Tokyo’s Coolest Networking Event

PCC – Pink Cow Connections – #73

Date: Tuesday, MAY 11, 2010
Doors open: 19:00
Presentation starts 19:30
Location: The Pink Cow

Topic: “Social Media Myths” — Putting the Social back into Social Meda
by Gil Chavez
Think social media has completely changed the marketing game? Well, think again. The old rules of marketing still apply – There are no shortcuts. The myth of viral marketing is stronger than ever and a lot of misunderstanding in the marketing world thanks to social media. This month our featured speaker, Gil Chavez, will discuss how the traditional rules of marketing, branding, and persuasion still apply to today’s social media while dispelling some of the myths about surrounding social media. Gil will show us how to best leverage social media by “Putting the Social back into Social Media” by applying some the key persuasion concepts of Robert Chaldini, the author of the seminal marketing book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, and other marketing gurus to social media such as: – Participation: Rule #1 of branding- Stickiness: Why numbers don’t matter- Incremental Yes: Become a fan Gil Chavez is the President and founder of BC Consulting, and as a communications professional and educator for 20 years he has worked with many of the top brands in the Asia Pacific region and the U.S. Gil is a professor of marketing communications in the MBA program at the International University of Japan. He also teaches at marketing and corporate communications at Temple University and critical thinking in the Globis MBA program. He is formerly a professor of public relations and advertising at CaliforniaPolytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, California.

Entry: \2,000 includes light food. Doors open at 7:00pm. Program starts at 7:30pm with open networking after.

RSVP is requested, but not required, of all guests and members so the Pink Cow can plan for food and seating.

Business Networking and Learning in English
Doors open: 19:00. Presentations start at 19:30.

Entry: \2,000, includes light food.
Doors open at 7pm.
Email questions to:

please RSVP to Meetup
or Facebook so we can plan for food and seating.

Live webcast if you can’t join us at: >

=== SPONSORS ===

The Pink Cow – cool place, yummy food! >
AP Promotions – Talent & Event Management, Promotion, and Marketing >

Poker and Games Night –
Tuesday night chill out with card games! Bring cards, games, chips and friends for good old fashioned fun! Beers & Burritos as always!

Often, but not always, live music as well.
From 9pm this time – until far too late for our own good I am sure!

The Pink Cow opens at 5pm so come early for dinner and the best seats! Great Pink Cow food and drinks will be available to order at the bar:)
For maps, menus and more info please check

Wed., May 12th – Don’s Bike Night & Fruits in Suits
Bike Night with the Half-fast Cyclists:
If you travel on two non-motorized wheels in this city, whether those wheels are mountain, road, recumbent, mama-chari or any combination thereof, you’re invited to the continuing meetings of the Half-fast Cyclists. Share your experience and experiences, meet other cyclists, arrange rides & races, trade stuff, learn stuff, join a club, and of course quaff a few beers or grab some grub. Ride your bike!

From 7 or 8pm, or whenever they show up – NO CHARGE!

Fruits in Suits
Description: Fruits in Suits is a once a month social networking function for gainfully employed Gays & Lesbians in Tokyo to make connections and friends. For details on our latest events, to network with others or to eat, drink, discuss current topics, join our facebook group.

Please spread the word and bring friends!

7pm – NO CHARGE!
Come early for the best seats and great Pink Cow beers, burritos and lots of other yummy things!

Thurs., May 13th – Meta Worlds Meetup
Virtual Worlds Real World Meetup! Come chat and network with other people interested in the virtual reality industry. Eat, drink and talk avatars:)

From 7pm – No Charge!

Fri., May 14th – Yo-Yo Black –
World Champion Yo-Yo Performer!
Yo-Yo Bar:
Why don’t you play Yo-Yo?
This event is for people who wanna hang out and try a different type of
Entertainment, a little like a Darts Bar but with yo-yos.
Yes, this is Yo-Yo Bar.

World Yo-Yo Champion Black will tech you how to play Yo-Yo.
(Yo-Yo Black is great! So fun to watch!)

Wow, it’s a free lesson!
Of course tip from your heart are always welcome icon wink May Events at the Pink Cow
From 7pm – No Charge!

Sat., May 15th – Cow Jam Supplemental

Special Featured Guests!
Pink Cow House Jam Band!
if you want to join the jam email us at !

from 7pm – No Charge!

Sun., May 16th – Japanese Lounge Night!
This is a night to celebrate Japanese traditional music (usually Koto, Shamisen & Shakuhachi plus more) and experiment mixing it with modern western music. Everyone and all instruments and guests welcome to join or just watch! Come join us to enjoy and learn and experience more about Japanese instruments in a fun, relaxed way. We are happy to have music fans, anyone interested in Japanese/English language and Japanese culture, those who love to wear a Kimono but need a place to go in it…that means you, your friends and family. Meet new people and enjoy great food and drinks! It’s also a open mic event, please bring your talent if to perform with our instruments!

If you’re interested in performing, please let us know!
JLN page on Kumiya’s:
Article on Nekkei BP net
You must log in but we also have a group page on mixi.

Would you like to sneak peek at the event on online video?

Hosted by: Kumiya- Shamisen (Hosozao. Hauta, Kouta & Ming-yo) Sensei of Shamisen lesson for beginners and tourists in both Japanese and English. >

Plus lots of special guests and performers joining the fun with workshops & jam session!

From 7pm – NO CHARGE! Come early for dinner and the best seats!

Tues., May 18th – Poker and Games Night – Plus Wii!
Tuesday night chill out with card games! Bring cards, games, chips and friends for good old fashioned fun! Beers & Burritos as always!

Often, but not always, live music as well.
From 7pm until far too late for our own good I am sure!

The Pink Cow opens at 5pm so come early for dinner and the best seats! Great Pink Cow food and drinks will be available to order at the bar:)
For maps, menus and more info please check

Wed., April 21st – Improv A Go-Go!
(usually) Every 3rd Wednesday
join the facebook group!

Love improv comedy? Love performing it even more? We’re providing a venue for improvisors of all experience levels to get together and jam. Took one class? Been doing it for seven years? It’s all good, and more importantly its all good fun, so come on down to the Pink Cow to rock out with us, air-guitar style. TCS Director and Simon Cowell impersonator Chris Wells will be there to offer the performers advice and criticism after the show so we can get better and better each month.

Those interested in performing improv with us can just show up an hour before showtime at 7pm to sign up with the MC and warm up with the other improvisors. But it’d be even better if you went to our Meetup page and signed up there to get on our mailing list:

Open Mike Improv at the Pink Cow, brought on to you (usually) on the third Wednesday of each month by the folks at the Tokyo Comedy Store Improv Workshop!
We even have a mailing list. We’re powerful!
Free Improv and Sketch Comedy Night at the Pink Cow, brought to you by
the Tokyo Comedy Store.

Doors open 5pm show from 8pm – NO CHARGE but come early for dinner and the best seats! Great Pink Cow food and drinks will be available to order at the bar! For maps and more info please check

Thurs., May 20th – The Vegan Club – A Vegan
Vegan Club:
Calling all vegetarian friends (or non-vegetarians who like good food and meeting new people)! The Tokyo Vegan Meetup group is holding their monthly dinner once a month. To reserve, please go to: > . Join us for a delicious and healthy meal and meet a diverse and lively group of food and animal lovers! If you are curious, vegan = no meat, no fish, no egg, no dairy. Bring your friends!!

Dinner at 8PM – all you can eat buffet menu \2,800 (drinks separate)
For maps and more info please check

Fri., April 21st – Orca Wine Drinking Party!
Featuring Live Music from our Favorite Moonshots:)
Mark your calendars for Friday February 5th because Orca is throwing a party at the Pink Cow with live music provided by the Moonshots, all you can eat, and nomihodai Orca wine. We are pulling out all the stops and bringing over loads of yummy wines! This will be Tokyo’s most rockin’ wine party in February and yes, you’re invited!
4,500 yen all inclusive, doors open at 7:30pm. RSVP to .

Sat., May 22nd – Cow-Go! International Lounge Night!
Magic and Belief
Tokyo Skeptics
What makes people believe things? Seeing is believing, but believing is not always true… Tokyo Skeptic member and magician Yuji will give a short talk on magic and the power of belief, and demonstrate some magic tricks to explain about “supernatural” power and ESP. Note: trick secrets will not necessarily be revealed:-)
Anyone is invited.
here is the page for the meetup

The Cow-Go! International Lounge Night!
Special Feature: groovalicious DJ Yamato & Special Live Music by PLANETARIUM, progressive originals band!! Come join us all at Cow-Go! Have fun at our monthly language & cultural exchange party that is a part of our Creative Language Network! Meet new people from all over, practice different languages and share culture over yummy food and drinks. Nomunication!

For more information on Cow-Go! check out
From 7pm – No Charge! Ala carte menu

Join our Cow Go facebook group!

Sponsored by:

Creative Language Network
Join our Pink Cow language network – a creative way
to learn and share at an affordable price!
You design your own program.
Choose the teachers, style, times and location to suit
your learning needs.
Specialized lessons available for special interests.
You tell us what you need!
1-1 Lessons & Specialized Lessons, Reasonable Prices, Experienced Teachers and monthly cultural exchange parties:)

for more information go to:
from 7pm – No Charge!

Sun., May 23rd – Cow Jam Supplemental

Special Featured Guests!
Pink Cow House Jam Band!
if you want to join the jam email us at !

from 7pm – No Charge!

Tues. May 25th – Pink Cow Photography Club Party & Poker
You & your friends are invited to the Pink Cow Photography Club’s “SHOCK SHOP!!” Photo Party from 7pm until late on Tuesday the 20th of May 2010. Amateur and Professional photographers are welcome! Come, show and share your work.

The club is for professional and amateur photographers, but especially amateur phtographers. It is a platform (both venue and internet based) for photo lovers from around the world to show and see photographic work, network, learn, collaborate and celebrate our love for photography.

This month’s theme is: “SHOCK SHOP!!! A celebration of retail and commerce through photographs”. Think money, markets, supermarkets, shops, department stores, street vendors, retail displays, signs, neon. The theme can be interpreted in any way you like! ALTHOUGH WE SET A THEME – YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO THIS! ANYTHING GOES!

To show your images at the live event email them to , at least 1 full day before the presentation day or JUST SHOW UP WITH YOUR IMAGES ON MEMORY STICK. Please name your image files in order of presentation before the event. If you are not in Japan, you can post your images to the facebook group gallery or post a link to your website on the group wall. Or you can email us your images and we will show them on your behalf.

If you present some work you get in free!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those who can’t make it in person, there will be a live & recorded webstream for you viewing pleasure. The details will be posted on the group wall.

On the evening you can enjoy homemade international food (awesome burritos for one!) & the cash bar. DJ Soul T Nuts & DJ Cream Latte will hit the decks! After all, this is a party!! 500yen at the door + minimum purchase of one item of food / drink. Come early for dinner and the best seats! See you there!

Join the Pink Cow Photography Club Facebook group!

From 7pm – til we finish! 500yen + minimum purchase of one food/drink.

Poker and Games Night –
Tuesday night chill out with card games! Bring cards, games, chips and friends for good old fashioned fun! Beers & Burritos as always!

Often, but not always, live music as well.
From 7pm until far too late for our own good I am sure!

The Pink Cow opens at 5pm so come early for dinner and the best seats! Great Pink Cow food and drinks will be available to order at the bar:)
For maps, menus and more info please check

Burlesque Life Drawing only @the Pink Cow!
Sketch, Drink, Chat and have a blast!!!!!

What to bring: sketch pad, ‘dry’ drawing materials (no water/oil paints), friends, tips for the model, laughter, lots of money for booze!

Silly contests! Win booze by Yellow Tail and Fab Prizes from our sponsors TOKYOMADE!
No drawing experience necessary, just a sense of fun, sketch pad and pencil.

Doors open: 6:00PM
Laughs and Sketching start: 7:00PM
Finish up around:10:30/11PM

Entry: 2,000yen (includes model’s fee+1 drink)
RSVP or more info:
Come early for the best spots and delicious Pink Cow food ‘n drinks.

Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School was conceived by NYC illustrator, Molly Crabapple.
Check out the NYC event
For info on the Tokyo event
See you there!

Entry 2,000yen (includes model’s fee+1 drink)

Thurs., May 27th – Pink Cow Short Film Night!
Join our FB film club @

Come join us for a party that features some cool short films from some super cool filmmakers. Meet them, mingle, watch, eat, make new friends, rope people into helping with your projects! Plus our Pink Cow DJs spinning tunes, a chance to meet other folks interested in making or watching films and all in a place you can get great beers and burritos!

To submit please send this info to asap!


From 7pm – Free entry! Come early for dinner and the best seats!

Fri., May 28th – Open Mic Night!
The Pink Cow is calling all musicians, artists,
and creative types to put their talent on display and let loose
at an open mic style get down! This month’s theme is Celebrity costume party, so come dressed as your favorite celeb for a chance to win prizes
from The Pink Cow! Got talent? Show us what you’ve got!
The Pink Cow is calling all musicians, artists, and creative types to put their talent on display and let loose at an open mic style get down!

To sign up for a time slot just email asap!

Talent Night Student ID 500yen drink specials!
From 7pm – 500yen w/one drink! Great Pink Cow burritos and other yummy food available to order at the bar so come hungry!
For maps and more info check

Sat., May 29th – Haiti Charity Party

Sun., May 30th – Drum Cow
Shinagawa Djembe Posse presents DRUMCOW
Come join us for some great fun with African Drums! What hippies do in the park except inside!
Shinagawa Djembe Possse is a session group that centers on drum “Djembe” of Africa. The rhythm is feelings. The groove is harmonizes and heart beat.
Vibes of Shinagawa Djembe Posse that keeps extending explodes with pink Cow on Sunday in the end of every month. The place where the generation, sex, and the race live, the religion, and the border are unrelated! Center of Japan→Shibuya in Tokyo→Gathering vibes→Music is freely expressed→Everyone is connected→The fight is lost!
Friend and important person, favorite party, and all welcome.
Let’s Come join us in happy session.