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Living in the Material World – ’Things’ in Art of the 20th Century and Beyond

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

The inaugural exhibition of The National Art Center, Tokyo. This exhibition features diverse forms of 20th century art expressed through bold experiments of artists with spirit of adventure. It explores the fields of design, craft, and architecture as well as the fine arts. In addition to the works of art in the collection of the national art institutions, this exhibition brings together more than 500 valuable works of art  from all parts of the world, with the generous support from major museums in Japan and abroad.

Location: National Art Center, Tokyo
Date: January 21〜March 19
Admission: ¥1,100 (general), ¥600 (college students), ¥400 (high school students), free for middle school students and under
Advance purchase: ¥900 (general), ¥400 (college students), ¥200 (high school students), free for middle school students and under
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Tokyo Masonic Center – For visitors

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Here is a map to the Tokyo Masonic Center, the meeting place for Freemasons in Tokyo. Here is map for visitors.

Tokyo Masonic Center

DESIGN GARDEN – March 30〜April 21

Monday, February 26th, 2007


Group Exhbition: T-shirts and Sundries

Location: Design Festa Gallery
Dates: March 30〜April 21
Times: 11:00〜20:00
Link: Design Garden Website
Venue Website:

Artscape 2007 – February 21 to March 11

Monday, February 26th, 2007

The 27th annual international student art exhibition held at the National Children’s Castle will draw more than 600 students from Grade 5 through 12 from 14 schools and 55 nations. Exhibitions include a wide range of media, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video installation glass works, and much more.

Artscape is considered the main international student art exhibition in Japan. Sponsors donate money, food stuffs and materials to make this a successful and rewarding event for the students involved. The event is coordinated by Mr. Steve Tootell from International School of the Sacred Heart. Participating schools include:

American School in Japan
Christian Academy in Japan
International School of the Sacred Heart
K International School
Musashino Higashi Gakuen
New International School
Nishimachi International School
Seisen International School
St. Mary’s International School
Yokohama International School
Yokosuka Middle School
Yokota High School
Yokota Middle School

Location: National Children’s Castle (Kodomo no Shiro)
Date: February 21〜March 11
Admission: 500yen (over 18yrs) / 400yen (under 18yrs)

Helen Merrill at the Blue Note Tokyo – March 1〜4

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Hellen Merrill, a regular in Japan and who has recorded more then 40 albums, will be perrforming at Blue Note in March. The late Leonard Feather, jazz historian and music critic for the Los Angeles Times, said in his book “The Book Of Jazz, From Then ‘Till Now” (Dell), “”A few have shown real jazz qualities; Peggy Lee and Helen Merrill, for example, both have warmth of timbre, an acute sense of phrasing and a soulful quality that give their best work a beauty comparable with Billie Holidays.”

Location: Blue Note Tokyo
Date: March 1〜4
Admission: ¥8,400

Etsuko KASAGI Exhibition – February 19〜25

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

This is one of three Etsuko Kasagi “Machu” photograph exhibitions being held simultaneously around Tokyo. The title of the exhibitions is “Photographs of Two Times” (2つの時間を持つ写真). The series of exhibitions were inspired by the death of Kasagi’s mother, who lived in Manchu, China from 1934 to 1946.

Location:Toki Art Space
Date: February 19〜February 25
Admission: Free

Luke Solomon Japan Tour – March 3 (Saturday)

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Primitive Inc. presents Luke Solomon’s “Chicago House Music.” This is the first time for Solomon to appear at Yellow since the Classic Party in December 2005.

Location: Yellow
Time: 22:00
Date: March 3 (Saturday)
Admission: 3,500yen / 3,000yen (with flyer)

Annual Flea Market Fundraiser by Women’s Society of TUC – March 9 & 10 (Fri & Sat)

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

The Women’s Society of Tokyo Union Chuch will hold their Annual Flea Market Fundraiser this weekend. Bargain sale of two bags for just 1,000yen!

Proceeds will be donated to charity. Donations of gently used clothing and household items will be accepted March 5〜8.

Location:Tokyo Union Church
Date & Time:March 9 (Fri) 10:00〜16:00, March 10 (Sat) 10:00〜12:00
Contact for donations:03-3400-0942 or email

Kumiko Iijima Exhibition at Laforet Harajuku (Feb 16-25)

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Kumiko Iijima is a stylist who has been working for actresses and musicians, as well as in various fashion magazines. You can see her exhibition of costume and jewelry design. This exhibition follows one in Osaka where some of her works were shown, but also includes many new works.

Place: Laforet Harajuku
Date: February 16-25

Joanna Newsom and Smog – February 25

Monday, February 19th, 2007

Joanna Newsom and Smog will perform a concert at shibuya O-WEST on February 25th.

Doors open at 18:30 with the concert starting at 19:00. 3,500yen for tickets in advance and 4,000yen on the day of the performance. Drinks are separate.

Tickets sold at PIA (Code: 250-131) and at Lawson (Code: 32025)