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Event: Tokyo 2.0 – August 11

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

t2p0 logo large Event: Tokyo 2.0   August 11

PRESENTATION 1: Google: Programming the Cloud

The Internet has evolved from a collection of hyperlinked documents to a full fledged programming platform. Web service APIs, data feeds, and online computing resources enable you to design, develop, test, and deploy applications without ever installing anything on your local machine. Applications live in the cloud, reachable from anywhere via a simple URL.

Google wants to make the cloud more accessible to everyone by providing API’s, tools, and computing power. This talk gives an overview over Google’s initiatives and shows you what it’s like to program the cloud using Google Data API’s and Google App Engine.

Gregor Hohpe is a software engineer with Google, Inc. Gregor is a widely recognized thought leader on asynchronous messaging architectures and service-oriented architectures. He co-authored the seminal book “Enterprise Integration Patterns” and speaks regularly at technical conferences around the world. Find out more about his work at

PRESENTATION 2: Korean Internet Ventures

Andy Lee of Softbank Media Lab will introduce 3 Korean internet ventures who are hoping to enter the Japanese market. There will be a video presentation followed by a live Skype Q&A with the team in Korea.

Bobby Ryu (Litmus2 & SBML) – Director of Softbank Media Lab, ZDNet Korea Columnist Yu Kim (Sketchplan) – CEO of Zaraza Co. Ltd.
Sungiun Park (Kloseup) – CEO of Itonic Co. Ltd.
Chungup Lee (Storyberry) – CEO of ISEEYOU Co. Ltd.
Jason Hwang – Senior Engineer of Sofbank Media Lab

Andy Lee is a senior engineer of SoftBank Media Lab based in the Republic of Korea and has worked for Digital Solution Center of Samsung Electronics. He has 12 years of experience in software development from the terminal based application to the web application and has written various articles in IT related magazines. Currently he is a contributing blogger to the IT team blog SmartPlace

Time: August 11, 2008 from 7pm to 10pm
Location: Super Deluxe
Event Type: seminar, networking, speaker, industry, internet Organized By: Andrew Shuttleworth, Mike Sheetal, Lauren Shannon Latest Activity: 3 minutes ago

Date: Monday August 11th
7.00-7.30 Doors open & Networking
7.30-8.00: Presentation 1: Google: Programming the Cloud
8.00-8.30: Presentation 2: Korean Ventures
8.30-10.00+: Asian Tapas Buffet & Networking

Cost: 3,000 yen if pre-registered/3,500 On the door (Including 1 drink & Asian Tapas Buffet)
Venue: Super Deluxe

Register: Sign Up

Here is a video from the previous event

Beer Gardens 2008!!

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

beer Beer Gardens 2008!!

The weather is hot and you know you’d like to gulp down some cold ones! Yep, the Beer Garden season is here! Although grabbing a drink is not hard in Tokyo, having them outside can be tricky. So, we have created a list of beer gardens along with dates, times and maps. Kanpai!!

2008 Beer Garden List!



Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008


jido kaikan entrance 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan b1 big othelo shogi 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan b1 woodcraft 150x150 東京都児童会館
jido kaikan handcraft 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan papercraft 150x150 東京都児童会館


jido kaikan library 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan library foreign books 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan music instruments 150x150 東京都児童会館


jido kaikan baby room 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan kidsland1 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan kidsland2 150x150 東京都児童会館


jido kaikan cafeteria 150x150 東京都児童会館jido kaikan entry 150x150 東京都児童会館




GMAP for the Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Hall

Paradise for children!

Pokemon Center Tokyo

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Pokemon Center is an official Pokemon goods shop and a great place to buy presents and souvenirs. There are five locations around Japan; Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Yokohama. Get your credit card ready!

Operating Hours

Weekdays: 11:00am〜8:00pm
Sat/Sun/Holidays: 10:00am〜7:00pm
※July 26〜August 31 – Hours 0:00am〜8:00pm

Location: Pokemon Center Tokyo

Tourist Information Center

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Visiting the Land of the Rising Sun? More like the Land of the Rising Thermostat at the moment. But if you are here, you should definitely check out the Tourist Information Center (TIC) provided by the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO). According to their website the JNTO provides the following services (below was cut and pasted).

1. Operating Tourist Information Centers in Japan for foreign visitors
2. Arranging reception facilities for foreign visitors
3. Promoting international conventions and trade fairs
4. Operating offices in key cities around the world
5. Conducting tourism-related research
6. Publishing travel literature and videos about Japan
7. Disseminating information on precautions for Japanese citizens traveling overseas

Stop by the Tourist Information Center to pick up maps, information about events, accomodations, etc. Yokoso Japan! (Welcome to Japan!)

Location: Tourist Information Center

kotsu kaikan side view from itocia 150x150 Tourist Information Centerkotsu kaikan view from yurakucho station 150x150 Tourist Information Center

International School List

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Hot, humid summer is here and many schools are closed for the summer holidays. However, it hasn’t stopped us from making a list of most of the international schools in Tokyo and Yokohama. Here is the list broken down by area.

Minato Ward
Shibuya Ward
Meguro Ward
Setagaya Ward
Shinjuku Ward
Chiyoda Ward
Taito Ward
Edogawa Ward
Itabashi Ward
Ota Ward
Suginami Ward
Toshima Ward
Higashi Kurume-shi


Sunday, July 20th, 2008




takaosan excursion 150x150 高尾山takaosan snail in july 150x150 高尾山takaosan hiking course in green 150x150 高尾山


京王線 新宿駅〜高尾山口駅 片道なんと370円!


dscf5076 300x225 高尾山




takaosan lift cablecar picture 150x150 高尾山takaosan lift cablecar fares 150x150 高尾山takaosan cablecar time table 150x150 高尾山



takaosan cablecar 150x150 高尾山takaosan lift cablecar ticket office 150x150 高尾山takaosan lift and view 150x150 高尾山



takaosan hiking course 150x150 高尾山takaosan hiking course bridge 150x150 高尾山takaosan hiking course river 150x150 高尾山




4th Annual NetTokyo (July 19th)

Monday, July 14th, 2008

logo1 4th Annual NetTokyo (July 19th)

NetTokyo will hold its 4th annual event on Saturday, July 19. If you do not know, this is one of the largest networking events in Tokyo. You can say that NetTokyo is a combination of networking events, as many of the organizers also have their own events. Money raised goes to a number of respected charities. Please go to their homepage to find out more.

The event will be held on a Saturday afternoon at Rolling Stone CAFE. They are expecting nearly 500 people, so you shouldn’t get bored. You know how busy everyone is in Tokyo. This event is a good way to hook up with some old friends and to also meet some new ones. And all for good causes!

Date: Saturday, 19 July 2008
Time: 14:00 (2:00pm) – 18:00 (6:00pm)
Venue: Rolling Stone Cafe
Admission: 4,000 Yen in advance, 5,000 Yen at the door.
Includes light meal, one drink ticket and one raffle ticket for great prizes
100% of profits go to charity
*Children 12 and under are free

Pink Cow Events

Monday, July 14th, 2008

pink cow Pink Cow Events

Location:Pink Cow

*Tues., July 15th – Photo Night & Stitch-n-Bitch ” Zelda Horror Picture Show”

Zelda, art student from Paris, offers for one night her latest photographic work show.
Mostly working about medicine and surgery, she will presents in Tokyo a remake of “the frieze of life” from the painter Edward’s Munch, three series about the pleasure, the anguish and the cruelty of life.

Slide show from 9:30 No Charge!

Are you a closet knitter? A neophyte crocheter? Want to share ideas for yarns and patterns and learn new stuff? Have you seen people walking around in legwarmers this season and want to make a pair? Do you like to sew, but wonder if anyone else around you does, too? Then join us! For more info. Mail to Basically, we want to meet, eat, drink, and make stuff.
No charge! 6:30-9:30pm

*Wed., July 16th – Improv A Go-Go!
Usually every 3rd Wednesday
Love improv comedy? Love performing it even more? We’re providing a venue for anyone with a yen for non-scripted comedy can not only come to hang out and see some awesome comedy, but also the chance to come up on stage and perform with us whenever you feel like it! Took one class?
Been doing it for seven years? It’s all good, and more importantly its all good fun, so come on down to the Pink Cow to rock out with us, air-guitar style.

And we’re not just hosting improv comedy. The TCS Players will be on hand to perform sketch comedy.Two forms of comedy for the price of FREE.

Grab some food, jump on stage, and perform with some of Tokyo’s best comedians.

Those interested in performing improv with us can just show up and play.
However, it’d be even better if you emailed or We even have a mailing list. We’re powerful.

Free Improv and Sketch Comedy Night at the Pink Cow, brought to you by the Tokyo Comedy Store.

8pm – NO CHARGE!

*Thurs., July 17th – The Vegan Club
Vegan Club:
Calling all vegetarian friends (or non-vegetarians who like good food and meeting new people)! The Tokyo Vegan Meetup group is holding their monthly dinner once a month. To reserve, please go to:
Join us for a delicious and healthy meal and meet a diverse and lively group of food and animal lovers! If you are curious, vegan = no meat, no fish, no egg, no dairy. Dinner at 8PM – set menu \2650 (drinks are separate).

*Fri., July 18th – Middle Eastern Buffet Night As a variation of our super yummy weekly buffet, Chef Andy will be preparing our wonderful buffet featuring special middle eastern dishes including Raisin, Honey & Almond Couscous, Yougurt Navarin, Kebabs and Curried Lentils.

***Fri/Sat. Night amazing buffet as always. \2,500pp (+tax = \2,650pp.) 7-10pm. Great for Birthday parties or other special occations!

*Sun., July 20th – Short Film Screening, Artist Opening & FLO Union!
Multi-Media Lounge!
Way out short film cast and crew final screening.
This will be the last public screening held for The Way Out short film,that will include the full cast and crew. The way out was made by young talented filmmakers Director & writer Donnie Ray Odiales, Producer Austin Uchino and a team of graduate and non graduate filmmakers from Tokyo Film Centre School of Arts ,who love to make movies and want to show their creative talent to the rest of the world. The way out is a 40 min action/drama that was filmed in Japan and also has a cast of foreigners from different parts of the world.

Victor Robinson is a Hitman, raised in the underground streets of Tokyo. He has been living a unhappy, controlled life. One morning he gets an unexpected visit from social services, informing him that he has a child. He denies and ignores the situation at first, but later, after meeting with his boss Tony, he makes the choice to visit the orphanage for a DNA confirmation test. For the first time Victor sees Jamie, his child, and he feels a joy he has never felt before.

Now Victor would like to be a father, but killing, drugs, prostitutes, blood-money, gangsters don’t make for a safe place for a 3yr old.

Victor has to find THE WAY OUT of the business, to be with the one he truly loves and is loyal to, before it’s too late.

Please welcome July artist: Rob Nugen
Careful Colorful Chaos
In July, The Pink Cow will feature 15 pieces of art in the bar, created by Pink Cow’s newest artist: Rob Nugen! Each piece is colorfully freestyled, with as many interpretations as there are viewers of art. Nine small pieces will be available to highlight the walls of your room. The show will also feature 6 larger pieces, two of which are collaborations with Matt Muirhead!
All pieces will be for sale between 3,000 and 10,000 yen.

sneak preview of Rob’s art at

Flo Union media lounge, a chilled-out gathering of video artists, Vjs, Djs, animators, filmakers, live projection & performers.
To perform, present or just join our mailing list, then
Mail to:

From 8:30pm – NO CHARGE!

Tues., July 15th – Photo Night & Stitch-n-Bitch ” Zelda Horror Picture Show”

Zelda, art student from Paris, offers for one night her latest photographic work show.
Mostly working about medicine and surgery, she will presents in Tokyo a remake of “the frieze of life” from the painter Edward’s Munch, three series about the pleasure, the anguish and the cruelty of life.

Slide show from 9:30 No Charge!

iPhone in Japan

Friday, July 11th, 2008

iphone iPhone in Japan

As many of you know, iPhone went on sale today (July 11). According to reports, the first ones went on sale this morning at Softbank Omotesando. About 1500 people lined up the night before, so I am assuming all were sold pretty much immediately. SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son was at the opening and declared that more people will start accessing the internet via iPhone than from computers. Other SoftBank shops started sales of the phone from noon today.

What interests me most about iPhone in Japan is how it will affect other handset makers and that it would give smart phones more exposure. Here is an interesting video comparing the iPhone with Samsung Instinct and LG Vu → Video. It’s a bit long, but worth watching.

Japan is arguably the toughest challenge for the iPhone. There are so many competitors here; Sharp, NEC, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson, Fujitsu, Kyocera, Samsung to name a few. And I doubt they will stand idly by. Wonder how much effort Apple will put into the Japanese market. If it does succeed here (have to define what that is), then it would have done it where Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola have failed. Or maybe this is the kind of market iPhone is suited for. Maybe it is for a niche market, where Nokia targets a more broad one.

Many people have pointed out the many features of the iPhone. So, let me point out the major features it does not have. QR Code reader, onesegu (TV) and very importantly for the young crowd, infrared connections and often not mentioned, emoji. Also, those long fingernails make it difficult to use the touch screen! So, maybe it is not for the young girls in Shibuya.

It is always nice to have fresh ideas and new products. Like I said, I am most interested in the other handset makers’ reaction. And by the way, GMAPs look great on the iPhone! You can zoom in on our maps! Whoppeee!

We would very much like to hear your thoughts on the iPhone in Japan!