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「Find!TOKYO」のiPhone、iPod touch用Appが登場

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

screen 2 208x300 「Find!TOKYO」のiPhone、iPod touch用Appが登場screen 3 208x300 「Find!TOKYO」のiPhone、iPod touch用Appが登場ft 2 208x300 「Find!TOKYO」のiPhone、iPod touch用Appが登場ft 3 208x300 「Find!TOKYO」のiPhone、iPod touch用Appが登場screen 14 208x300 「Find!TOKYO」のiPhone、iPod touch用Appが登場

Please refer to our English release;
GMAP launches iPhone/iTouch Application

GMAP株式会社は、株式会社エヌフォー(本社:東京都渋谷区 代表取締役:リチャ−ド・ジェ−ムス・ノ−スコット 以下:エヌフォー)を通じて、GMAPが企画・制作しているケータイ連動東京ガイドブック「Find!TOKYO(ファインド・トウキョウ)」の iPhone / iPod touch用アプリケーションの発売を開始したことを発表いたします。

iPhone / iPod touch用アプリケーション「Find!TOKYO」は、2008年春にデビューしユニークでアイキャッチなポップアウトマップ(飛び出す路線図)で人気の東京ガイドブック「Find!TOKYO」に、iPhoneの持つより直感的で使いやすいインタフェースを実装し、ズーム可能な写真も豊富に収録した、TOKYOをいつでも気軽に見渡すことが出来る製品です。



さらに、3GやWi-Fiを利用してGMAPのサイトにアクセス(iPhone/iPod touchに適した表示を準備済)していただければ、より多くの情報を得ることも出来ます。 



- 東京路線図(JR、地下鉄)をフルスケールで表示
- 大きな駅の構内図を収録
- 主要な都市周辺地図を収録
- ホテルや映画館、公園、カフェ、バー、大使館などを地図上に表示
- 主な空港の案内

- 商品名:Find!TOKYO
- 購入場所:App Store
- 価格:¥600 / 4.99ドル


app store badge 「Find!TOKYO」のiPhone、iPod touch用Appが登場


※「iPhone」および「iPod touch」は、Apple Inc.の登録商標です
※ その他一般の製品名などはすべて、各社の商標または登録商標です



GMAPでは、この記事を、ネットPRサイト News1st.jpでリリースしています。



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GMAP on iPhone/iTouch App Store

Monday, April 20th, 2009

screen 2 208x300 GMAP on iPhone/iTouch App Storescreen 3 208x300 GMAP on iPhone/iTouch App Storeft 2 208x300 GMAP on iPhone/iTouch App Storeft 3 208x300 GMAP on iPhone/iTouch App Storescreen 14 208x300 GMAP on iPhone/iTouch App Store

You knew we would eventually do it. GMAP, with Enfour, have launched a bi-lingual Tokyo map application on the iTunes App Store. Find!TOKYO is one of the most comprehensive bi-lingual map service on the App Store, featuring thousands of bi-lingual custom designed maps for the iPhone/iPod touch screen.

The application includes fully scalable Tokyo train/subway map, interior maps of major stations, area maps and a detailed directory with maps of hotels, cinemas, parks, temples, shrines, etc. Along with the maps, many locations are tagged with photos and relevant information for use as visual guides or to learn about the locations. The content is stored inside the application so there is no need to access the Internet; ideal for the iTouch and overeas iPhone users.

Users will be able to tap hotspots for more information, pinch zoom, drill down to specific maps and photos of popular areas. If you can’t find the map you are looking for, you will be able to access the GMAP website that is optimized for the app clients. You will be able to just type in the name of the location into the GMAP search box to access the map. If the location still cannot be found, a request can be made to map the location.

There is a 600 yen one-time fee for Find!TOKYO. This price includes future versions, which will include more updates of Central Tokyo, areas and maps. Never get lost again in Tokyo! Click below to access the app.

app store badge GMAP on iPhone/iTouch App Store

Please refer to our Japanese release;
「Find!TOKYO」のiPhone、iPod touch用Appが登場

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iPhone in Japan

Friday, July 11th, 2008

iphone iPhone in Japan

As many of you know, iPhone went on sale today (July 11). According to reports, the first ones went on sale this morning at Softbank Omotesando. About 1500 people lined up the night before, so I am assuming all were sold pretty much immediately. SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son was at the opening and declared that more people will start accessing the internet via iPhone than from computers. Other SoftBank shops started sales of the phone from noon today.

What interests me most about iPhone in Japan is how it will affect other handset makers and that it would give smart phones more exposure. Here is an interesting video comparing the iPhone with Samsung Instinct and LG Vu → Video. It’s a bit long, but worth watching.

Japan is arguably the toughest challenge for the iPhone. There are so many competitors here; Sharp, NEC, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson, Fujitsu, Kyocera, Samsung to name a few. And I doubt they will stand idly by. Wonder how much effort Apple will put into the Japanese market. If it does succeed here (have to define what that is), then it would have done it where Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola have failed. Or maybe this is the kind of market iPhone is suited for. Maybe it is for a niche market, where Nokia targets a more broad one.

Many people have pointed out the many features of the iPhone. So, let me point out the major features it does not have. QR Code reader, onesegu (TV) and very importantly for the young crowd, infrared connections and often not mentioned, emoji. Also, those long fingernails make it difficult to use the touch screen! So, maybe it is not for the young girls in Shibuya.

It is always nice to have fresh ideas and new products. Like I said, I am most interested in the other handset makers’ reaction. And by the way, GMAPs look great on the iPhone! You can zoom in on our maps! Whoppeee!

We would very much like to hear your thoughts on the iPhone in Japan!

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