GMAP Today: Tully’s Coffee – Roppongi

This is a popular cafe in Roppongi. Nothing special about it other than it’s an easy place to find, so an ideal meeting location. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good place to meet with all the noise and pollution coming from Roppongi-dori. Nevertheless it’s an excellent place for people watching, as you can see the various people coming and going to and from Roppongi Hills.

Nowhere else near the center of Roppongi can you see so clearly the people walking about and have a reasonably-priced cup of coffee. Unlike Starbucks and other establishments nearby, there are many seats outside that give you a wide view of the area, meaning you can look at more people and longer. If you are meeting someone for a serious discussion, I recommend other places that give you more privacy. Remember, the people walking by can also get a good look at the customers seated outside. The noise of the cars and people walking by can also be an unpleasant or pleasant distraction. Here is the location. Tully’s Coffee – Roppongi Map