A Holy Night in Tokyo

It’s Christmas time. One of the few times I wish I was not in Japan. But alas, I will be spending time here over the “holidays.” For those of you who wish to spend a holy night at a church, below is a list of churches, both multi-cultural and Japanese. I am sure most will have some kind of Christmas service. For those only attending for Christmas, it may seem a bit hypocritical, but better than drinking at a nearby izakaya I guess. So here is my list.

Aoyama Church
Azabu Catholic Church
Azabu Kasumicho Church
First Church of Christ, Scientist Tokyo
Franciscan Chapel Center
Gloria Chapel
Harajuku Church
Hijirigaoka Church
Mitake Church
Naka Shibuya Church
Roppongi Lutheran Church
SDA Tokyo Central Church
St. Alban’s Anglican-Episcopal Church
St. Dominic Catholic Shibuya Church
Tokyo Union Church
Tokyo Yamate Churc
Toriizaka Church the United Church of Christ in Japan