GMAP Today: Nerima Ward Office

Well, I am not sure if Nerima Ward Office is really that unfriendly to non-Japanese residents. However, we do know that it is the only ward office (city office) among Tokyo’s 23 ward offices not to have a website in English. So, back in June, we decided to give them a call to ask why. The response was quite cold. Some of the answers were, “we don’t need it, we don’t have time for it, we don’t plan to have one in the near future, etc.” We checked back in August and true to their word, no English site.

I guess you can make a case for the “we don’t need it.” However, I do know that Nerima Ward has quite a few non-Japanese residents. As for “we don’t have time for it,” give me a break. Doesn’t take too much to outsource the work if you have to. If you live in Nerima Ward, I guess you are alone if you need any information on health care, earthquakes and the like.

Here is a list of all the 23 ward offices in Toky with maps and links to their English websites (minus Nerima of course). Since Nerima doesn’t provide a map in English either, we hope this helps. Tokyo’s 23 Ward Office Maps

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  1. I was a bit shocked to read about Nerima Ward Office not having an English Web Page, but do you know that Nerima Ward is the only ward to hire foreigners from it’s ward as English Teachers, no other ward does that.
    They all give it to a Job Agency.

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