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You knew we would eventually do it. GMAP, with Enfour, have launched a bi-lingual Tokyo map application on the iTunes App Store. Find!TOKYO is one of the most comprehensive bi-lingual map service on the App Store, featuring thousands of bi-lingual custom designed maps for the iPhone/iPod touch screen.

The application includes fully scalable Tokyo train/subway map, interior maps of major stations, area maps and a detailed directory with maps of hotels, cinemas, parks, temples, shrines, etc. Along with the maps, many locations are tagged with photos and relevant information for use as visual guides or to learn about the locations. The content is stored inside the application so there is no need to access the Internet; ideal for the iTouch and overeas iPhone users.

Users will be able to tap hotspots for more information, pinch zoom, drill down to specific maps and photos of popular areas. If you can’t find the map you are looking for, you will be able to access the GMAP website that is optimized for the app clients. You will be able to just type in the name of the location into the GMAP search box to access the map. If the location still cannot be found, a request can be made to map the location.

There is a 600 yen one-time fee for Find!TOKYO. This price includes future versions, which will include more updates of Central Tokyo, areas and maps. Never get lost again in Tokyo! Click below to access the app.

Please refer to our Japanese release;
「Find!TOKYO」のiPhone、iPod touch用Appが登場

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  1. Hi,

    Wonderful application. However, there’s one design problem, my iPhone went to sleep on the Help page and when I woke it up, the return arrow key was grey and I couldn’t get out of Help. After restarting the iPhone and resetting it didn’t resolve this issue, I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. I suggest that you link the icons for the rail map, area maps, etc. on the Help page to those map pages or add the icons at the top of the help page. Although I doubt if I will need to refer to help again, I added a bookmark to a page that I will refer to frequently as a work around to having a hardlink on the Help page just in case.


  2. Bob,

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, this is a terrible mistake on our part. There will be a couple of updates in the next few weeks. On the first update, you can just tap the logo to return to the top page, but even this is not so obvious, so there will be another update to make sure there are no guesses.

    We will be launching smoother map service with more areas in the next few months, so I hope you will overlook this first error. Also the GMAP internet site will be optimized for App clients, which I am sure will make navigation easier. Please feel free to request maps to be put on the Internet side. You can send info on the location to Thanks again!


  3. Elvismen, well, I am not happy about it either. But try to reboot your iphone, that should help. As you know, we did not make the system. We just made the content. However, I will contact you about a future app. Maybe I can give a promo.

  4. WOW~GMAP on iPhone seems really cool! Is this application publish only in Tokyo? Will the phone be operate slowly when using it? However,I really like this software design. It will make one different among a lot of friends!

  5. Kitty, the app has been updated so it is not so slow anymore. To be honest, it had been in the past. You can buy this app from anywhere via iTunes. Are you in Japan?

  6. Does this app require wireless data service once downloaded or is it completely self contained? Thanks!

  7. Is there any GPS functionality in this app?
    If not, is there any plan to incorporate it?

    Thanks a lot,


  8. There is GPS functionality for Reporting Wifi Spots, but if you mean on the map, not at this time. We will likely allow it to link to Google Maps in a future update, allowing you to use the Google Map functionalities. However, this is not useful for those without internet access in the first place. But for those that do, it is an option.

    As of offline maps, we do not have plans at this time, but will consider it. However, it may be some time before we can.

  9. Hi,

    we are putting the new ipod touch Generation under a thorough review at the moment. Can you tell me, if your app works fine with the newest model? Thanks!

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