Olympic Commemoration Dormitory Renovated

In Yoyogi Park construction had been going on in an area near the Harajuku Gate. It is the area where the Olympic Commemoration Dormitory is located. During the 1964 Olympics held in Tokyo, Yoyogi Park was used as the athletes’ village and the building pictured above is the original one used by the athletes from the Netherlands. The area had been cordoned off, but now it has been renovated with a grassy field pictured below with benches. But you can’t enter the area at this time to allow for the grass to grow.

Should be a nice place to hang out. The other side (below) has been also been fixed up.

The reason why “Gamble” was inserted in the title is because the renovation was obviously funded by the official lottery. Below is a plaque stating that the field was made in order to promote takarakuji (lottery). I guess we will take the money where we can get it.

Yoyogi Park Map