FAQ: How to search for a location

If you are looking for a location on GMAP, it is as simple as just typing in the name of the location. Try typing in “Towncryer, Radisson, Wall Street, etc.” You should get a link that goes directly to the page. A great majority of the pages will have a map, directions, telephone number, etc. So, even if you are only looking for the telephone number, this should come in handy. No reason to go through your business cards.

This is especially useful via your mobile phone. Please bookmark http://gmap.jp on your phone and you can check the map or phone number even if you are away from a PC.

If you want to focus on a place within an area, type in the name of the shop or office and the area. Try typing “Starbucks Shinjuku.” You should get the starbucks around Shinjuku Station. If you are trying to find a certain place around a specific area, but do not know the name of the shop, try typing in something like “capsule hotel shibuya.” You should get the capsule hotels around Shibuya Station.

We are working hard to add as many locations as possible. Keep an eye on us and try us whenever you are looking for a location. And thanks for all your support!