Free Wifi Tokyo on Apple App Store – Now Available!!!

GMAP has launched its first application on the Apple App Store! Combining area and individual maps, we have created an app that helps people find true free wifi spots in central Tokyo! No need to access the Internet or to walk around trying to locate a free wifi spot. Here is how it works. Below is the menu page.


You can search your free wifi spot by area or train station. Below are images by area and stations.

list_area_en_us list_station_en_us

Here is an area with wifi logos to indicate the spots where you can find free wifi.


Just touch one of the logos and you will get a GMAP, helping you get to the location.


We even found free outdoor wifi spots. No need to go into a cafe or shop!

Want to rate a location for its signal strength, ideal location and ambience? Or want to report a free wifi spot? You can do it using our GPS function.

You also get a train map of central Tokyo!

Look forward to more areas and free wifi spots on our updates! Great for iPod Touches, laptops, iPhones from overseas and for those wanting to make Skype calls! There is just an one-time fee of 350 yen, which includes all future updates!

Down load it here!

GMAP Website

7 Replies to “Free Wifi Tokyo on Apple App Store – Now Available!!!”

  1. OMG.. this is just perfect.. just got an ipod touch and going to Tokyo in Sept.. hope this app is available before then.. its just what I need!

  2. The free version has mapped out two areas, Shibuya and Akihabara. The paid version has over 20 areas with more updates coming (areas and spots). Basically, the free version shows a taste of the paid version. However, both have train maps, access to GMAP website optimized for iPhone and iTouch, and ability to rate spots/report free wifi spots.

  3. How far out can this go? I live in Yokosuka, and spend time in Yokohama. Lots of Gaijin living in that corridor, and we are the prime Wi-Fi users so far, I think. You’ll get lots of input and feedback if this app can cover down the west shore of the bay.
    Looks fantastic!

  4. Haakon, great to hear this comment. We do hope to expand to the Kanagawa area eventually. If people in the area could use the “Report Wifi Spot” to report places with free wifi, that would expedite things. Don’t forget to enter the name of the shop!

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