GMAP Today: Hobgoblin Akasaka

Hobgoblin is a favorite hangout with many of the expat crowd, but also becoming popular amng the Japanese. There are three in Tokyo, all with their own distinct flavors. We will introduce all of them. But first, Akasaka.

Hobgoblin Akasaka – The first Hobgoblin in Japan. Caters mostly to the expat workers around the area and of the three Hobgoblins, probably has the most core regulars. The regulars even stop by to eat lunch here (hopefully no afternoon beer!) and of the three, it has the coziest atmosphere. One downside is that the pub is in the basement and mobile phones generally do not work here. If you are trying to tell someone where it is and you’re already in the pub, you can send them this map or have them find it on GMAP. If not, you might be going out of the pub many times. Even if you’re not giving directions, know that once inside, communication with the outside world pretty much ends. Ideal if you are trying to avoid a call from the office!

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