GMAP Today: Sonoma & Ruby Room

Located about 4 minutes from Shibuya Station, Sonoma was designed by Chef Mark Vann, creator of Fujimamas in Omotesando, so you know the food is good. The restaurant is not so large and it has a cozy, relaxed feeling to it. I recommend it if you just want to hang out or are looking for a place to take a date. It’s also an excellent place if you are looking to hold a private party.

Ruby Room is a small club located just above Sonoma. It’s actually a cocktail lounge, complete with a DJ. It’s an ideal place to hang out after a meal at Sonoma. The music is a bit loud for my taste, so I don’t recommend it if you want to have a serious conversation. So after a nice meal at Sonoma, you can head upstairs for some serious fun. Not a bad evening.

Sonoma Map Ruby Room Map

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