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It has taken us over 8 months, but we have revamped and rebuilt our Go!TOKYO app! Among other things, we have added 16 train lines, maps of major stations, station search, first and last train timetables,  and much more! We now cover over 500 stations and we are far from finished! And of course, the app has been optimized for the iPad!

Besides the added content, we believe one of the most important changes has been to treat each station separately. Below are some images of our updated app.

Train MapLine ListTrain Cararea_mapStation MapRoppongi HillsOdaibaKeihin-Tohoku LineMeiji ShrinePaddy Foley's Map

Tap on the red spots to see more info about that location. Please enjoy!

Shimbashi Station

11 Replies to “Major Update to Go!TOKYO!”

  1. Developing Team,

    I want to buy the app but I noticed in the video Inokashira line is not added. Can you add it?

    I bought findtokyo and intend to buy this if you can add Inokashira line.

    Best regards,
    Leo Garramone

  2. Hello Leo,

    Thank you for your comment. We do plan on adding private railway. However, we will do it within the first quarter of 2010 as an update. We will definitely add Inokashira…since I live on that line as well!

    We plan to add major JR lines first before adding private railway. We really appreciate the input! Thank you!

  3. The app looks nice, and has lots of information but in some ways is very limited 🙁

    There is no station search (e.g. search for “Hongo-sanchome”). Have a search option able to use the exit information would be even better (e.g. search for “Tokyo University”).

    There is no way to select a station via the map (you have to select via the metro line).

    Once you are looking at a station, for stations serving multiple lines, there is no way to switch to another line

    1. Thanks Peter. You points are well taken. We actually plan to add a search function as there will be more stations added. As for searching via final destination, such as Tokyo University, that would be pretty cool and we will keep that in mind. Keep those comments coming!

  4. This app looks great! The info on where on the platform to stand for the next transfer point, and the listing of the station exits are incredible and go far beyond and Tokyo transit site or app I’ve seen. Only problem is I have switched to Android! If you decide to do an Android port I would gladly pay for this app.


  5. Great app with loads of potential! Was happy to pay for it, and hope that I can see some more coverage in the near future. I second the Inokashira and more private lines in general. I need to start travelling between Komaba and Hongo campuses at University of Tokyo next April so before then would be nice 😉

  6. I have an Android phone and a Nokia, not iPhone.
    1 – Do you have an app for Android? or for Nokia?
    2 – Do you know a similar application for Android or Nokia?

  7. Elie – Unfortunately we do not have it for the Android or Nokia phones at the moment. Hopefully, we will in the future. Not so sure about other similar applications for them, but apps using strictly online maps should exist.

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