GMAP Today: Pink Cow

The Pink Cow is one of the few restaurants/bars I feel comfortable going by myself. There is usually someone I know there, and if not, it”s relatively easy to make friends. That’s because it’s such a relaxing place. It can even make someone like me chill out a bit. Traci, who runs the place, always makes you feel at home. I especially recommend the Friday night buffet. Great food.

Pink Cow holds many events. In fact, there is one almost every night. Check here for this month’s schedule Not all appeal to me, but that doesn’t really matter. I can always sit in the “bar room” and chat with the people there. The only problem is that I don’t smoke and it’s a smoking room. Can’t have everything, I guess.

Here is the map. The Pink Cow The map has a link to the month’s schedule, so you can send it to your mobile phone and bookmark it. You can then access the schedule from your phone anytime.

Great food and atmosphere. What more do you want? OK, a non-smoking bar room.

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