GMAP Today: Cafes in Aoyama

We’ve complied a list of cafes around Gaienmae and Aoyama Itchome Stations. You can really find some hidden gems behind the larger roads. Instead of meeting at the usual Doutor or Starbucks, why not be adventurous and try somewhere new? Here is the list, which we will add to in the very near future.

Cafe Casa
CAFE de F.O.B.
Cafe growna growna
Cafe Paseo
Caffe VELOCE – Gaiemmae
Doutor – Aoyama
Doutor – Gaiemmae
Doutor – Kita Aoyama
First Kitchen – Gaiemmae
Freshness Burger – Gaiemmae
Haagen Dazs – Cafe Aoyama
Konoske Bar
McDonald’s – Aoyama
Muu Muu Coffee – Tokyo Aoyama
Natural Lawson – Kita Aoyama Nichome
on Sundays Cafe
R Burger – Minami Aoyama
Restaurant & Coffee Icho
rieta nero – cafe diner & dog item
sign gaienmae
Starbucks – Gaien Nishi-dori
ST-MARC Cafe – Tokyo Aoyama Itchome Station