Sneak Peek of ”Greater Aoyama”

GMAP will be moving in a new direction starting with the launch of the Greater Aoyama portal site Greater Aoyama

The site will start with maps covering Harajuku, Omote-sando, Gaiemmae and Aoyama-itchome Stations (of course they all work on mobile), along with useful links and key locations. There are currently around 500 bi-lingual maps, but will continue to grow. Please feel free to request for maps in this area and we will comply faster than we ever have. However, please bear with us until the site is officially launched. It is still in its beta stage.

All the maps are searchable on your mobile as well. Just type in the name of the location from on your mobile. You can also do searches based on key words. If you want to find an Italian restaurant around Omote-sando Stn., just type in “italian omotesando.”

We are very excited about this site! But there is more coming!!

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