GMAP Today: Galleries in Aoyama Updated

The greater Aoyama area is famous for its galleries, many of them small. Here is an updated list. Galleries in Aoyama

They include:
Aoyama Unimat Museum
Tokyo: Art-U room
Blue Black Galerie and Caffe
Design Festa Gallery
Galerie Omotesando
Gallery 2104
Gallery 412
Gallery Dazzle
gallery dojunkai
Gallery House MAYA
Gallery Jinguen
Gallery Kaoru
Gallery Kitagawa
Gallery TAO
H.A.C. Gallery
Harajuku Astro Hall
HB Gallery
K.S. Gallery Harajuku
Lapnet Ship
Lord Rental Gallery Space
Nezu Museum
OPA gallery
ORIE Gallery
Ota Memorial Museum of Art
PIGA1・PIGA2 Picture Gallery
Sai Gallery
studo Sarrut Aoyama
Terrace Galerie VIE
The Blue Dog Gallery
The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art
TOKI Art Space
Tokyo Hipsters Club
Rental Box Gallery Shop WANONMA
YHI Gallery