The Inaugural Tokyo Marathon – February 18

The inaugural start of the Tokyo Marathon will start from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and finish at the Big Site. The marathon will start at 9:10AM on February 18th. The limit time for the race will be 7 hours, which is pretty long considering it would cause many traffic problems within the city.

There will be about 30,000 runners (25,000 for marathon and 5,000 for 10km), probably the largest race in Japan. They actually held a lottery system for those wanting to participate despite the steep 10,000yen cost for the marathon, which is much higher than for other races.

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara caused many resentments within the running community by holding the race so close to the traditional Ome Marathon (30km). The Ome race had to be moved up to February 4th. It was ironic that Ishihara was the person to start the Ome Marathon this year. I guess election year changes things!

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  1. The race was run in the rain. As a runner myself, I felt sorry for those who had to wait in the rain for over 30minutes before the start. About 25,130 people, or 96.4% of the participants, completed within the allotted 7 hour limit.

    Japanese-based Kenyan runner Daniel Njenga won the race with a time of 2:09:45. He was followed by Japan’s Tomoyuki Sato with 2:11:22. However, he failed to make the 2:09:30 cut needed to qualify for the world championships in Osaka.

    Coming in third was Satoshi Irifune with 2:12:44 and Athens Olympic bronze medallist Vanderlei De Lima finished sixth in 2:16:08.

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