Time Slips – Daisuke Inada Art Exhibition (March 8-15)

Daisuke Inada, who received a MFA (Master of Fine Art) from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in 2004, will hold an exhibition of twelve works produced between 2004 and 2007. His works involve printing on stones (lime stones) for lithography, not aluminum plates. He uses one stone per project during the entire process, then prints, often deleting and adding images on the plate.

He pursues his theme, Seed, which inheres possibility of growth and timeless cycles. Not displaying just one art framed work; he has printed a few dozens of images on Japanese roll paper, and combines his prints with constructions made of wood. The viewers are engaged in his works by being able to touch a rotating handle or by walking along his long works. He also creates a 3D image by adding time to his 2D work instead of depth.

To paraphrase Dr. Lesley Duxbury, an associate professor of Postgraduate Research Coordinator School of Art at RMIT University, “Daisuke Inada combines his expertise in stone lithography and woodcraft. By doing so, he engages qualities and issues inherent in both materials – those of time and timelessness and memory.”

Location: ORIE Gallery
Date: March 8-15
Website: http://www.d-inada.com