Artscape 2007 – February 21 to March 11

The 27th annual international student art exhibition held at the National Children’s Castle will draw more than 600 students from Grade 5 through 12 from 14 schools and 55 nations. Exhibitions include a wide range of media, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video installation glass works, and much more.

Artscape is considered the main international student art exhibition in Japan. Sponsors donate money, food stuffs and materials to make this a successful and rewarding event for the students involved. The event is coordinated by Mr. Steve Tootell from International School of the Sacred Heart. Participating schools include:

American School in Japan
Christian Academy in Japan
International School of the Sacred Heart
K International School
Musashino Higashi Gakuen
New International School
Nishimachi International School
Seisen International School
St. Mary’s International School
Yokohama International School
Yokosuka Middle School
Yokota High School
Yokota Middle School

Location: National Children’s Castle (Kodomo no Shiro)
Date: February 21〜March 11
Admission: 500yen (over 18yrs) / 400yen (under 18yrs)