Million Person Candle Night in Yoyogi Park

GeshiFes2007 will hold its Million Person Candle Night in Yoyogi Park Event Area on June 22 (Friday) 17:00〜21:00. The event will actually be held June 22-24 in many locations around the country, including two other places in Tokyo and one in Yokohama. Here is an event map and I am sure there is one near you.

What is candle night? Well here is a link that better explains it. Sorry, but it is only in Japanese.

The title is “Turn off the light, take it slow.” It could mean many things, such as rethinking our current lifestyle, spending time with your loved ones in quiet manner, highlighting energy conservation, etc.

We have created a map of Yoyogi Park Event Space with link to monthly schedule, so that you can check what is going on anytime. Also, the map has marked places to use to meet friends. Yoyogi Park Event Area I know it is a bit hypocritical to introduce a site, especially a mobile one, so I at least want to remind you to turn off your phones during the candle light period. Remember, many will use this opportunity to reflect on their life, society, etc.

And remember, take it quiet and easy.