Azabu Juban Festival 2007 – Popular festival in Azabu-Juban

One of the most famous summer festivals in Tokyo is the Juban Festival (Juban Matsuri). The festival features Marching bands, shops, shows, international bazaar, etc. Over the next two weeks, we will feature some of the events and its locations.

We have mapped out almost 800 locations in Azabu-Juban area, so you can use our mobile site to find places. Just type in the name of the location or by category (e.g. italian azabujuban). First of all, here is a list of marching bands. The parade kicks off at 3:00PM.

Marching Band Parade
– Meiji University (24th – Friday)
– Rikkyo University (25th – Saturday)
– Tokyo University (26th – Sunday)

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