Chandelier (Red Bar) – Late night bar in Shibuya

A bar without a name, it is a popular hangout if you are looking for a place to continue your drinking after other places have closed. The bar is open from around midnight to morning, so the photo of the entrance will likely look different to you because 1) it will be dark when you arrive 2)you will be too drunk when you leave. All drinks are 500yen.

The place is a bit hard to find. Here it is → Chandelier (Red Bar) Why is the bar nicknamed Chandelier or Red Bar? I believe it’s because there are so many chandeliers inside and the interior is red. There is a lot of smoke in the air and the crowd leans toward the artsy side.

Anyone been there? What do you think of the place?

4 Replies to “Chandelier (Red Bar) – Late night bar in Shibuya”

  1. about four years ago it was great. a very eclectic interesting crowd. lots of artists and designers. but it’s gotten too popular over the last few years and now it’s just another place for people out drinking late.

  2. My favorite little hangout during my stay in Tokyo 3 years ago !

    There I met friends and artists alike that I have kept up with and gone out partying for good memories and times…

    there was a regular man with the golden teeth and his lovely flower lady companion .

    I really liked the decor …reminded me a bit of the moulin rouge 🙂

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