Dog Run in Yoyogi Park

Dog Park

Shibuya Ward has created an excellent place in Yoyogi Park for dog owners. A large section inside the park has been set aside so that owners can play with their dogs and participate in many dog-related events. I have uploaded a photo of the area and as you can see, it is pretty well shaded. It’s also a great place to meet other dog lovers. Below is a video of the area.

Here is a site with information. It’s pretty good with photos, but it’s only in Japanese→

You have to register to use the space by calling 03-3409-6081. The location is in central field of the park, toward the cycling center. Here is a map → Yoyogi Park If you look at the map, the location will be near the toilet in the upper left corner of central field. Enjoy!


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  1. Just like to say that the video was great. It’s nice to see a park for our dogs, they are not only a place to bring them to but they also allow us to meet other dog owners too.

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