NET NITE @ STEREO: Theme: Open Source

Net Nite will feature OPEN SOURCE, which will explore how this new movement is changing business opportunities on the web.

Christof will be the speaker. Christof is Founder, CEO and President of db4objects, creator of the leading open source object database db4o, native to Java and .NET. Christof brings 15 years of experience in software business, sales and marketing to his role as Chief Executive Officer of db4objects. Prior to db4objects, Christof was founder and Chief Executive Officer at APSIS Software, a position he held from the founding of APSIS in 1993 until its merger with conject in 2002.

Christof serves as President of ODBMS.ORG e.V., a non-profit association to provide free resources on object database technology for education and research, and is an active member in the OMG’s Object Database Technology Working Group (OBDT WG) to provide the 4th generation object database standard. He is also a frequent speaker on industry events on open source business and his thoughts have been featured in many publications.

And there will be chances for members to show and discuss their current projects.


Purpose: This monthly event brings together all kinds of professionals involved with internet and mobile communication, helping to create new types of collaboration and business opportunities. Each Net Nite invites presentations and discussions on timely themes of wide usefulness, and provides a unique opportunity for people from different worlds, such as engineers, content providers, designers and marketers, to share inspiring examples of their work, enjoy socializing, and together make new ideas become reality.

For: Designers, marketers, hardware makers, software developers, hosting companies, content providers, agencies, services, media…

When: <Fourth Wed> (9/26, 10/24) (\1000 entry) 18:00:
DJ/Mixing, 19:00: Biz Nite Session, 20:30: Lounge DJ party … and free champagne for ladies)

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