Edo Tenka Festival in Hibiya Park

Chiyoda Ward will hold its annual “Edo Tenka Matsuri” again this year. The festival, which was held during the Edo Period, was revived in 2003 in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the founding of Edo (Tokyo).

The event will be held in Hibiya Park this weekend (Sept. 29-30). There will be performances, food stalls and a flea market.

Here is a layout of the park for this event. Tenka Matsuri

Sorry, it’s only in Japanese. Here is a general layout in English of the park Hibiya Park

The main areas, World Bazaar Yokocho and Edo Festival Stage will be above No.4 (No. Flower Bed). Belgian crepes and beer will be sold at No. 3 on the map. They will also be selling Stella Artois on No. 1 Flower Bed (No. 4 on the map). If the weather is nice, it should be a nice for the family. There is underground parking available, but not sure if there will be space available.

Website → http://chiyoda-days.jp/edotenkamatsuri2007/index.html

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