2016 Olympics in Tokyo?

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If you happen to be around Yoyogi Park these days, you’d notice the Tokyo Government’s drive to have the 2016 Olympics hosted in Tokyo. Above are some photos of promotions inside the park, near Harajuku Gate. There is also an Olympic Commemoration Dormitory near the gate, which is the original one used by athletes from the Netherlands during the 1964 Olympics.

Despite the bid, I found a translation mistake on one of the signs about the 1964 Olympic held in Tokyo. Take a look. The Japanese post has 1964, which is correct, but the English one shows 1946. If you are facing the dormitory, the sign will be to the left of it and further back, near the trees. Here is a map of Yoyogi Park for reference→Yoyogi Park Map

Other cities bidding for the Olympics are Madrid, Prague, Chicago, Doha (Qatar), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Rio de Janeiro.

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  1. Though only in Japanese, we have a map of the main stadium for the 2016 Tokyo Olympic games.

    It is located in Harumi, near Toriton Square where Sumitomo Metals and Sumitomo Coporation are located. The closed station is Kachidoki station of Oedo line.


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