JT Cafe – Smoker’s Paradise


Here is a good place in Shibuya to relax, have a drink and smoke. As more and more areas crack down on where you can smoke, here is one place that you can without offending others. There are drink machines and also a CD corner, so you can drink, smoke and listen to music.

Entry is free, but you must show identification that you are over 20 years old.
7 days a week.
Weekdays: 13:00〜20:00
JT Cafe Map

1 Reply to “JT Cafe – Smoker’s Paradise”

  1. Thank God! You know in other countries this kind of place is illegal!
    At least one stinky place where we can die quickly and nobody will complain.
    I don’t mind stinking up other people’s clothes and hair and lungs when I can. Really, to hell with them. I have my rights. But when they start complaining I just want to whack them in the nose or stuff a cancer stick down their throat. But in this place I guess there is no risk of any moaning non smokers who don’t see all the benefits of nicotine.

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