Earth Day Tokyo 2008

Earth Day 2007

Earth Day Tokyo 2008 will be held at Yoyogi Park Event Area this weekend (Sat-Sun 11:00-19:00). Last year’s event drew about 120,000 people, with 479 volunteers, 45 corporate sponsors and 376 groups. And it should be as large this year. The event is complete with performances, eco-friendly products, information on how to be kind to the planet, etc. Last year’s focus was on energy and food, and this year they will also add agriculture. This year’s theme is “Shift to Green.”

Above is a photo from last year. Hopefully the weather will cooperate on Saturday, but Sunday definitely looks like a good day. Here is a video provided from Earth Day homepage Earth Day Tokyo 2007 Video

Check out their site for more info
Yoyogi Park Event Area Map