Gen Okamoto Exhibition at Pio


The provocative works of Gen Okamato ( will be on display at Pio (, GMAP Code 7773) from May 3 to June 2, 2008. An opening party will be held on May 3rd, with Dake & Zono ( performing captivating Bossa Nova. Feel free to drop by anytime between 7 pm and midnight (cover charge: 1,000 yen with one drink). Those who can’t make it to the opening party, please stop by for lunch or dinner another day. The exhibition will last until June 2.



Gen Okamoto was born in Tokyo in ’76 and moved to Hollywood in ’95 to study graphic design, where he won numerous scholarships. While in Hollywood, he created poster illustration for the Metro subway. Gen graduated from college in ’99 and returned to Japan in 2002 . He has since participated in solo/group exhibitions, and designed eye-catching posters and commuter passes for the Tokyo Metro. He has recently held exhibitions in China, the Czech Republic and New York, and did a photo shoot in Prague. He is now gearing up for a one-month-long exhibition of both old and new copperplate prints at Pio, a cozy Spanish bar in Ebisu. Gen Okamoto’s striking copperplate prints of wistful but melancholy beauties are both sophisticated and sensual.
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Location: Pio
Date: May 3rd (Sat)
Time: 19:00 to midnight
Charge: 1,000yen cover charge including one drink