World-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma will be performing with the Silk Road Ensemble at Suntory Hall on April 27. This is a quote from Yo-Yo Ma about the Silk Road Ensemble.
“In 1998, I founded the Silk Road Project to study the ebb and flow of ideas among different cultures along the Silk Road, illuminating the heritages of its countries and identifying the voices that represent these traditions today. Through this journey of discovery, the Silk Road Project hopes to plant the seeds of new artistic and cultural growth, and to celebrate living traditions and musical voices throughout the world.” – Yo-Yo Ma

Here are the details.

Vc:Yo-Yo Ma
Kamancheh:Kayhan Kalhor
Pipa:Wu Man
Sheng:Wu Tong
Shakuhachi:Kojiro Umezaki
K.Kalhor(Arr.Ljova)/’Mountains are Far Away’, Silk Road Suite
Z.Jiping/’Sacred Cloud Music’, Silk Road Suite
/’Summer in the High Grassland’, Silk Road Suite
R.A.-Khalil/’Arabian Waltz’, Silk Road Suite
K.Kalhor(Arr.Ljova)/The Silent City
D.Y.-Yanovsky/Three Movements of Paths of Parables
G.L.Frank/Ritmos Anchinos
S.Perapaskero(Arr.Golijov, Ljova)/Turceasca

Location: Suntory Hall’s Main Hall
Time: 19:00
Prices: S\20,000 A\17,000 B\13,000 C\9,000 D\6,000
Contact: The Music Plant 03-3466-2258
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