Meeting Spots around Central Tokyo

hachiko.jpgmoyaizo.jpgkanaderu.jpgALTAFlower shop in Minami ShinjukuPolice box in West ShinjukuHonda BuildingShimbashiSL in ShimbashiLucky Center ShimbashiMitsukoshi Corner in GinzaSony Building in Ginza

Meeting people in Tokyo can be difficult at times. Can’t imagine how we got by in the days before mobile phones. To make it even easier, we have listed up a few places, some with photos, to help you catch up with the other person(s). This is by no means a complete list, but here it is – Meeting Places around Central Tokyo

If you have other meeting places you would like for us to map out in Tokyo, please send us a photo of the location and we will map it out for you. Send us the photo (preferably at least 1 megapixel photo) to