Aimai Paste: The Illustrations of Amamiya Hogusa @ Pio

From June 3 to July 2, the work of illustrator Hogusa Amamiya will be on display at Pio, Ebisu’s newest tapas bar (, GMAP Code 7773).

An opening party for this month long exhibition will be held on the evening of June 8, from 6 pm to midnight. All are welcome!
If you can’t make it to the opening party, stop by and step into colorful world of “Aimai Paste” some other day. Hogusa Amamiya’s work will be on the walls for a full month.

Aimai Paste: The illustrations of Hogusa Amamiya
Location: Pio (4-9-5 Ebisu)
Phone: 03-5475-8706
Map: English GMAP
Dates: One month, from June 3 to July 2, 2008
Aimai Paste: Images stored in an ambiguous device are chaotically pasted by hand. Is this the same? Similar? Is it something I’ve seen before? Savor the world of illustrations that unfolds in this ambiguous paste.

Opening Party
・Date: Sunday June 8, from 6 pm
・Entry: Free
・Stop by and meet Hogusa Amamiya in person.

Opening Party

Date: Sunday June 8, from 6 pm

Entry: Free

Stop by and meet Hogusa Amamiya in person.

Hogusa Amamiya: Profile

Hogusa Amamiya, a graduate of Atomi University, was born in Saitama Prefecture in 1981.

A central theme in her illustrations is landscapes that seem to be a combination of the ordinary and unordinary. Using ballpoint pen, colored pencils, acrylic and more, she creates the trebling lines + liberating colors of her characteristic style.

Recently she has also been actively participating in exhibitions at galleries and bars, and also designs t-shirts and makes teddy bears.

Exhibition History

August 2006

August 2006 “100% Pheromone Exhibition,” Bartok Gallery, Kyobashi

January 2007 “Teddy Bear Exhibition: Loveable and Huggable,” GALLERY LELE, Daikanyama

February 2007 “art&music event: meet pie,” FROAT, Shibuya

July 2007 “From Art to Interior,” MOTT gallery, Akebonobashi

July 2007 “Conspiratio 4,” Lux Gallery, Kyobashi

August 2007 “RITA-JAY 10MATCH STICKS City of Spirits, MOTT gallery, Akebonobashi

December 2007 “Christmas Show A Winter’s Dream,” Popotame Book Gallery, Mejiro

April 2008 “Amamiya Hogusa Personal Exhibition Kitsch Roll,” bar fuca, Ebisu

April 2008 “noriya collection 2008,” FEW MANY Shinjuku

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