Voter Registration for Upcoming US Elections at National Azabu Market

Democrats Abroad Japan volunteers will be registering voters for the upcoming US election on Saturdays 1-4PM at National Azabu Market until the deadline in September. I am pretty sure it does not matter which party you support, although I am sure the volunteers would prefer you vote Democrat.

Remember, you are NOT automatically registered, even if you voted in the Primary. You still have to request a ballot. You need to do this every election cycle to make sure your county sends your Ballot. Please do not wait till the last minute to register since states have different rules on voting and you may be required to do an additional registration with your district. And remember, this is not just a Presidential election. 33 states will hold Senate elections and all the House of Representative seats will be up for election, as well as Gubernatorial voting in eleven states. And there are also local elections and state referendums.

Location: National Azabu Market
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