Tourist Information Center

Visiting the Land of the Rising Sun? More like the Land of the Rising Thermostat at the moment. But if you are here, you should definitely check out the Tourist Information Center (TIC) provided by the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO). According to their website the JNTO provides the following services (below was cut and pasted).

1. Operating Tourist Information Centers in Japan for foreign visitors
2. Arranging reception facilities for foreign visitors
3. Promoting international conventions and trade fairs
4. Operating offices in key cities around the world
5. Conducting tourism-related research
6. Publishing travel literature and videos about Japan
7. Disseminating information on precautions for Japanese citizens traveling overseas

Stop by the Tourist Information Center to pick up maps, information about events, accomodations, etc. Yokoso Japan! (Welcome to Japan!)

Location: Tourist Information Center