Event: Tokyo 2.0 – August 11

PRESENTATION 1: Google: Programming the Cloud

The Internet has evolved from a collection of hyperlinked documents to a full fledged programming platform. Web service APIs, data feeds, and online computing resources enable you to design, develop, test, and deploy applications without ever installing anything on your local machine. Applications live in the cloud, reachable from anywhere via a simple URL.

Google wants to make the cloud more accessible to everyone by providing API’s, tools, and computing power. This talk gives an overview over Google’s initiatives and shows you what it’s like to program the cloud using Google Data API’s and Google App Engine.

Gregor Hohpe is a software engineer with Google, Inc. Gregor is a widely recognized thought leader on asynchronous messaging architectures and service-oriented architectures. He co-authored the seminal book “Enterprise Integration Patterns” and speaks regularly at technical conferences around the world. Find out more about his work at www.eaipatterns.com.

PRESENTATION 2: Korean Internet Ventures

Andy Lee of Softbank Media Lab will introduce 3 Korean internet ventures who are hoping to enter the Japanese market. There will be a video presentation followed by a live Skype Q&A with the team in Korea.

Bobby Ryu (Litmus2 & SBML) – Director of Softbank Media Lab, ZDNet Korea Columnist http://peopleware.kr Yu Kim (Sketchplan) – CEO of Zaraza Co. Ltd.
Sungiun Park (Kloseup) – CEO of Itonic Co. Ltd.
Chungup Lee (Storyberry) – CEO of ISEEYOU Co. Ltd.
Jason Hwang – Senior Engineer of Sofbank Media Lab

Andy Lee is a senior engineer of SoftBank Media Lab based in the Republic of Korea and has worked for Digital Solution Center of Samsung Electronics. He has 12 years of experience in software development from the terminal based application to the web application and has written various articles in IT related magazines. Currently he is a contributing blogger to the IT team blog SmartPlace http://smartplace.kr.

Time: August 11, 2008 from 7pm to 10pm
Location: Super Deluxe
Event Type: seminar, networking, speaker, industry, internet Organized By: Andrew Shuttleworth, Mike Sheetal, Lauren Shannon Latest Activity: 3 minutes ago

Date: Monday August 11th
7.00-7.30 Doors open & Networking
7.30-8.00: Presentation 1: Google: Programming the Cloud
8.00-8.30: Presentation 2: Korean Ventures
8.30-10.00+: Asian Tapas Buffet & Networking

Cost: 3,000 yen if pre-registered/3,500 On the door (Including 1 drink & Asian Tapas Buffet)
Venue: Super Deluxe

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Here is a video from the previous event