Hot Enough? Tokyo Prince Hotel Beer Garden

Tokto Prince Hotel gardenisland beerrestaurant

Looks like hot weather will not ease off and while it would be nice to hit the beaches, if you are too busy or can’t be bothered, the next best thing might be to head to a nice beer garden.

One place we recommend is the beer garden at Tokyo Prince Hotel. It is centrally located and can be accessed from many stations. Onarimon and Akabanebashi Stations are closest, but it is only about a 10min walk from Kamiyacho Station as well. While very centrally located, the area around the hotel is surprisingly quiet and covered by many trees and greenery. It is an area where many Tokyo residents are not so familiar.

Zojo Temple is worth a visit and Tokyo Tower is nice to gaze at (as opposed to actually going up there!).

Tokyo Prince Hotel Garden Island Beer and dishes

So relax with some friends and enjoy a nice BBQ with cold beer surrounded by nature. Kanpai!

Location: Tokyo Prince Hotel