GMAP Today: Legends Sports Bar

FIBA World Basketball Championships are being held in Japan. And the Americans are pissed. Once THE Dream Team, the US team hasn’t won the championships since 1994. And yes, they lost to Argentina and Puerto Rico in Athens in 2004. But coach Mike Krzyzewski, LeBron James and rest of the gang want to win this pretty badly.

They will have their biggest test tonight against the Italians. Both teams are 3-0 and while the US team has little chance against the Italians in THE World Cup, they definitely want to show who’s the boss in this sport. Unfortunately for the Italians, they will be without this year’s NBA number 1 draft choice Andrea Bargnani. A pity. But they have still beaten China, Slovenia and Senegal. Are they ready for Team USA?

I checked out the sports schedule at Legends Sports Bar Map and the game isn’t listed for tonight, but I’m sure you can ask the manager, Sam, to show it. And here is FIBA’s site.

My money is on Team USA. Comments welcome!