Jose Feliciano at Billboard Live: Sept 3-4 (Wed-Thur)

Legendary Jose Feliciano, called by some as the world’s greatest living guitarist, will perform at Billboard Live August 3-4 (Wed-Thur). Born in Puerto Rico in 1945 and raised in Spanish Harlem in New York City, he signed with RCA Victor in 1966 and quickly had two hits Poquita Fe and Usted. Above is an old video of him playing “Flight of the Bumble Bee.”

He even caused controversy at the height of protests against the Vietnam War. Feliciano performed The Star-Spangled Banner at Tiger Stadium during the World Series. His rendition, which took place 10 months before the more famous Jimi Hendrix one at Woodstock… well let him explain it.

Location: Billboard Live Tokyo Midtown
Dates: August 3-4 (Wed-Thur)
Times: 1st set (19:00) / 2nd set (21:30)
Ticket Price: Casual area – 9,000yen / Service area – 11,000yen
Reservation Information: Click here
Jose Feliciano Official Website: