Great Japan Beer Festival in Yokohama: Sept 6-7 (Sat-Sun)

Well, if you are on a diet, this event definitely is not recommended. But if you love beer, come prepared. It is expected that 60 companies will be offering up about 200 craft beers for you to sample with one entrance fee. Organized by Japan Craft Beer Association, the event were also held in Osaka and Tokyo. With the entrance fee, you also get a tasting glass, which is what you will use to fill up your drinks! Kampai!

Location: Osanbashi Hall
Dates and Times: Sept 6 (14:30-19:00) / Sept 7 (11:30-16:30)
Price: 3,600yen (advance order) / 4,100yen (at door)
You can buy tickets through the following:
Ticket PIA, Family Mart and Sunkus (Pcode 612-433)
Lawson (Lcode 33598), e-plus, and at participating pubs.

Below is a video from two years ago.