GMAP Today: Watami – Nishi Shinjuku Plaza-dori

It’s almost 2007. Another year is nearing its end. For many, this is the time for the end of the year parties, which are also drawing to a close. I was at one of my year end parties this month in Watami Nishi Shinjuku Plaza-dori Watami Nishi Shinjuku Plaza-dori Map

I know many people are fans of Watami, but I was surprised when the manager told me that as of December 15, this Watami was the busiest one in all of Japan for December. That’s saying something during this time of year. I was there in the summer and saw many people participating in the JET Program there. I know that Keio Plaza Hotel, which is near the restaurant, is where these people stay. But even then, it was not number one. Better get there early if you want to get a seat!

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  1. Watami is good but the food needs a little something. I can\\\’t imagine going here every night. Their beer lineup is also a bit drab but hey! We\\\’re in Japan, what can you expect. I think drinking on the street can also be fun if you are thinking only about price. Outside a Lawson works for me.

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