Nezu Gongen Festival at Nezu Shrine: Sept 20-21

Nezu Shrine will hold a traditional festival on September 20-21. Nezu Shrine was established in 1705 and is one of Tokyo Jisha (東京十社 – Tokyo 10 shrines), which was designated in the first year of Meiji Restoration. A visit to Nezu Shrine is highly recommended.

The two photos above are from “Little Butterfly / L*B” as is the one on top page. You can see more of her photos by going to her site → “Little Butterfly / L*B”

There will also be a dance by the guy below on Sept 21 (Sunday) at 2PM. Sanza no Mai.

Whether you are going there to see the festival or to enjoy the sites, definitely worth a visit! They also have a wonderful azalea festival in April.

Location: Nezu Shrine
When: Sept 20-21 (Sat-Sun)
Sanza no Mai Performance: Sept 21 from 14:00
“Little Butterfly/L*B” Website:

Here is a video of Nezu Shrine.