Yes We Can Barack the Vote! A Get Out the Vote Event: Sept 18

Yes We Can Barack the Vote! A Get Out the Vote Event

Americans, Friends, Family, & Fun: Everyone is Welcome!

Enjoy Excellent Live Bands, DJ’s, Videos, Dance Performances, and Voter Registration table.

Purchase Obama stuff!! T-shirts, Buttons, and all kinds of stuff!! Register to Vote the whole (well, lots) of the evening! Come join us, because time is short and your ballot has a long way to go!

Email for more information and to reserve your advance sales ticket.

Location: Super Deluxe
When: Thursday, September 18, 2008 from 7pm until very late

Tickets: 3500 yen in advance; 4000 yen at the door

If you would like the Advance Price tickets, please contact Lauren Shannon (

Americans Abroad: Register for your overseas absentee ballot by going to Remember, you are NOT automatically registered, even if you voted in the Primary. Send in your ballot request by September 20th!!

NOTE: If Republicans would like to post a similar event, please email info to