Photos from JATA World Tourism Congress & Travel Fair 2008

Tourism officials from around the world will gather at Tokyo Big Sight this weekend to participate in the JATA World Tourism Congress & Travel Fair. The conference is great for those thinking of taking a trip abroad. Above are some photos from the fair.

The theme of the conference, which launched in 1977, is “Revitalizing the Japanese Market: Part 2.” But there will be a second theme – “Discovering New Strategies from Asia’s Travel Boom,” which will focus on the growing travel industry in Asia.

This year is the 150th anniversary of Japan opening its doors to the world, according to JATA, which is 5 years after Commodore Perry arrived in Japan with his “Black Ships.” I wonder if there is a company from the US by that name. That would be amusing.

Back to the expo. There will be a wide variety of exhibitions, with special emphasis on travel between Asian nations. Players in the travel industry will vie for the ever more sophisticated travelers in the region.

Many people know about The Visit Japan Campaign, which targets 10 million visitors to Japan by 2010. But many do not know that the Japanese Diet has passed an act to target 20-million Japanese to travel abroad by 2010, named The Visit World Campaign. I wonder if that counts the people in the finance industry leaving Japan in droves….

Location: Tokyo Big Sight – Conference Tower
When: Sept 18-20 (Thur-Sat)

Below are some people photos!


Try on some traditional Korean clothes

Dance Kenyan Style

Lovely Ladies!