Vegetarians vs Meat Eaters: Oct 17-18

Tokyo Vegetarian Festival will kick off at Yoyogi Park Event Area again this year. Sponsored by the Japan Vegetarian Society, the festival will feature many vegetarian restaurants, earth-friendly shops, live bands and speakers. It has never been such a good time to be a vegetarian. Be healthy and environmentally friendly!

Tokyo Vegetarian Festival 2009
Location: Yoyogi Park Event Area
When: Oct 17-18 (Sat-Sun) 10:00-17:00

So, where’s the beef? If you don’t care for the tree hugging stuff, then head on out to Shinagawa for some real food! Yes, there will be a meat market festival this weekend as well! Below is the adorable Tonkichi. Don’t you just want to eat him up? Yep, a lot of food.

OK. Two contrasting festivals on the same two days. How about eating your heart out on Saturday and then taking it easy on Sunday? In either case, some good food all around!

Tokyo Meat Market Festival
Location: Metropolitan Central Wholesale Meat Market
When: Oct 17th(Sat) 10:00-16:00/Oct 18th(Sun) 10:00-15:00