GMAP Today: Jingu Stadium

Located in central Tokyo and built in 1926, Jingu Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in Japan. Jingu Stadium Map Here are some of the historic highlights.

Sept. 23, 1926 – Opening ceremony

Oct. 24, 1926 – Tournament of Tokyo Big Six Baseball League (six university teams) held for the first time in Jingu Stadium. 

1928 – US Major League Baseball (MLB) players, including Ty Cobb, plays along side Team Daimai for 12 games.

Nov. 1, 1929 – First of the famous “Soukei-sen” (Waseda Univ. vs. Keio Univ.) . Keio defeats Waseda 12-0. People waited in line the night before to buy tickets. Those that could not get the tickets stayed around the stadium afterwards. It is said that upon seeing so many people, Prince Chichibu, brother or Emperor Showa, ordered for an increase in stadium capacity. Because that would obstruct the view of the art gallery for people in the VIP, it was initially rejected. However, it was approved after those in charge were admonished by the prince.

1931 – MLB plays five games against Japanese teams in various locations, including Jingu Stadium. MLB wins all 17 games.

1934 – MLB arrive in Japan again, this time with Babe Ruth. MLB again wins all 18 games, asserting their dominance.

Dec. 8, 1941 – Despite the war, the Tokyo Big Six Baseball League Tournament is held

1945 – Stadium destroyed by fire during an American air raid

Sept. 18, 1945 – Stadium renamed “Stateside Park” and used by the US Occupation forces

Nov. 23, 1945 – First professional baseball game. The East (Kyojin “Giants”・Nagoya・Senators) defeats the West (Hanshin・Hankyu・Kinki Japan・Asashi) 13 to 9.

Aug. 28, 1948 – Inagural professional Japan League game held between Kyojin (Giants) and Kyuei Flyers

1951 – MLB team plays against Japan League teams and selected squads. MLB wins decisively, but has first loss. 13-1 and 2 draws.

Apr. 3, 1976 – Yakult Swallows’ first franchise opening game. Plays against the Giants.

Oct. 4, 1978 – Yakult Swallows, 29 years since its inception, wins its first Central League pennant and goes on to win the Japan Series. Due to college games, the matches were held at nearby Korakuen Stadium.

Dec.20, 1986 – Concert Hurricane Aileen. First day of Japan AID.

1992 – Yakult wins its second Central League pennant, but loses the Japan Series to Seibu 3-4.

1993 – Yakult wins its third Central League pennant, its second consecutive title. Has revenge on Seibu 4-3 in the Japan Series.

1995 – Yakult wins its fourth pennant and defeats Ichiro’s Orix Braves 4-1 for its third Japan Series win.

1997 – Yakult wins fifth pennant and wins Japan Series against Seibu 4-1.

Aug. 14, 1999 – Holds world’s largest bon-odori. Approximately 8,000 participants.

2001 – Yakult wins its fifth Japan Series against Kintetsu 4-1.

Famous fireworks are held at the stadium every summer.