We Love Yamagata Beef!

A French restaurant in Tokyo Hilton has been accused of falsifying as Maesawa Beef from Iwate Prefecture with those from Yamagata Prefecture, according to Daily Yomiuri. See Story. The reason given for the switch by the head chef at Twenty One restaurant was because the two meats were of same quality. While that doesn’t excuse the restaurant for falsifying its menu, it does give praise to the quality of Yamagata Beef. Yeah!

Actually, there was another incident in 2002 where a subsidiary of Tokyo Department Store labeled Yamagata Beef as Matsuzaka Beef from Mie Prefecture. See Story.

So, if you want high quality Yamagata Beef, why not head over to Twenty One and order some. Maybe they still have some. Maybe at a discount? Just make sure they are from Yamagata!